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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 15

Council saves us all

Holy mackerel, Batman, it looks like the Medford City Council is going to circle their covered wagons and save us all from the encroaching plague of the devil weed.

Defying the will of the gullible citizens of this great state who passed the law stating we can grow, possess and smoke maryjane, we have the council bravely going where they don't belong to restrict our rights under this law. The home gardener won't be allowed to grow it, the recreational user can't buy it in town and the city in general will lose out on revenue happily collected by our many neighboring towns.

"Myopic", declares one of the councilors. Treat each odor complaint individually, don't unilaterally take away our rights.

Barry Solof


Supporting pot ban

I support the Medford City Council banning pot grows.

I do not agree that crime related to pot is down. These people who buy this pot for cash will need to get the money, and crime of theft is the best way to secure money, as is robbery. Pot is a drug that will lead to more heavy drugs.

The smell around our neighborhood is bad, but telling the neighbor who grows it will do nothing. As more people grow pot, this will affect sales of houses as most people do not want to live and smell that odor. Even if the older homes were updated with wiring, our power bills would increase because of the increase put on power usage by pot growers.

You can't tell me or a lot of people that this pot is not being sold out of state. Let it be and you will have the feds in here and then watch what happens.

We have enough crime with the gangs we have now and the Mexican cartel will be the next big worry. I wish I would have known that Oregon voters passed the law to legalize pot before I moved here.

Albert Cushman


Council represents all

The City Council of Medford is supposed to represent all the people of the city. But it appears that they represent perhaps as few as 27, those who complained about pot grows.

According to Oregon Medical Marijuana Program statistics, there are nearly 10,000 medical marijuana cardholders in Jackson County, which means there are certainly several thousand in Medford. Setting aside consideration for those who want to grow pot recreationally, the medical users alone vastly outnumber the citizens who complained.

With the new ordinance, not only can they not grow their own medicine, they cannot have a registered grower do it for them, at least not in Medford. Rather than being able to acquire the medicine they need at a cost of only a few dollars a year (by growing it), they will have to travel out of the city and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year.

How can we get the council to represent all of us, not just the disenchanted few?

Jim Andrews


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 15