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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 16

Remember the Golden Rule

It's no secret that wealthier communities like to keep blight in other, poorer, communities. Certainly, Ashland has been using this model for years, while slowly tightening the screws on the few stalwart souls who choose a home outside.

What makes us so absurdly ravenous about other peoples homes? Is it that so many boot-strappers cannot consider other options? Did the pennies that bless us rely on some unspoken privilege?

What if the homeless are a greater protection than the credit given them? What if having folks familiar with the outside community is actually a benefit?

I have lived here nearly 40 years. I have been a decent citizen — I’ve actually contributed to some cool projects that benefit everybody. I could be gone any day now, as my Social Security does not come close to meeting property taxes. On some level, I'm a loser, as measured by my stuff rather than my ethics.

Does anyone really believe that “one size fits all”? Certainly not children or snowflakes. Do those who force this color-of-law down the throats of the rest of us?

Let us approach the "problem" of homelessness as if the Golden Rule is the rule of dead reckoning.

Suzia Aufderheide


Tell the governor

Tell Gov. Kate Brown to stand up and show leadership for Oregon by speaking out against the Jordan Cove LNG project. Tell her to stop hiding behind the bureaucracy now!

Leadership requires action, not timidly waiting for bureaucrats to make decisions based on outdated and incomplete science. Your future quality of life in Oregon is at risk. Call her office at 503-378-4582 and tell her that the Jordan Cove LNG project and its Pacific Connector pipeline project are simply bad for Oregon. The few benefits they bring are more than offset by their awful costs.

Tell her to speak out against the project. Go online and share your opinion with the governor at www.oregon.gov/gov/Pages/share-your-opinion.aspx. Remind her that the Jordan Cove LNG project will deliver a massive boost to greenhouse gas consumption while destroying a 240-mile swath of Oregon, ruining fisheries and polluting our lands and air, all for a foreign corporation. Tell her to stand up and not let foreign corporations steal the property of Oregon citizens through eminent domain kangaroo courts. Send her a tweet @OregonGovBrown or tell her on Facebook, but tell her now before it's too late.

Brian Comnes


The sky isn't falling

The incessant drone of hyperbole coming from Ashland regarding climate change/global warming has gotten stale. The sky isn't falling, the world isn't ending tomorrow, and the Earth's climate isn't changing due to mankind. Try thinking the sun instead.

This global warming hysteria is based upon fraudulent computer models using fraudulent data, and in fact, the planet Earth is getting cooler. If we spent the trillions of dollars that Obama wants to waste to change our energy sources and uses, then the net change in global temperatures would be less than 1 percent, which is negligible. What Obama is doing is making certain that his millionaire/billionaire crony capitalists friends financially capitalize from his mandated changes in energy sources and uses (at your expense), and it financially devastates low income folks most of all.

The fact is that global warming hysteria is a ruse concocted by grossly misguided socialists/communists in our government in order to destroy our capitalist economy, and to gain more power and control over every American's life. They want to destroy America.

Global warming/climate change is a fraud. Don't buy into it.

Curt Ankerberg


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 16