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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 18

Do it in the county

Jim Andrews asked the question, “How can we get the council to represent all of us, not just the disenchanted few?” in his letter to the editor last week about the City Council's vote to ban marijuana grows. I dug a little further to see if the pro-marijuana crowd was being fairly represented in the City Council and I found something alarming.

Of the 207,000-plus residents of Jackson County, 75,000 live in the city of Medford. By Mr. Andrews' estimation, there are 10,000 medical marijuana card holders in the entire county and several thousand of those must be Medford residents. “Several” being more that two, but not many, let’s call it 3,000, constituting 4 percent of the population of the city.

Of the nine city councilors, two are pro-marijuana as evidenced by the 6-2 vote, and this is 22 percent of the council. Andrews and the pro-grow residents of Medford are actually grossly over-represented on the City Council and any misrepresentation belongs to those residents who have legitimate issue with neighborhood grows. You can’t argue with the math: If you absolutely need to grow your own, do it in the county.

Steve Blumberg


Peaceful no longer

Generally I am a peaceful kind of guy. Keeping an open mind and hopeful for peace, but this disgusting life form called humans who killed innocent people having good times in Paris, needs to be vaporized entirely!

Terrorists are not human! Yes, they look like humans, but they truly are not. They are killing machines, without any regard for anybody or anything living. They are to be found and destroyed, vaporized off our fine planet. Take no prisoners! None! Seek out and vaporize, period.

If there is no world action to rid our planet of this scum, sooner or later it is bound to reach our country and many other countries. The world leaders need to pull it together. Not later, now!

The press will have their weeks of pummeling the public with this story, then it will settle down, till but another incident comes forth. How often does terrorism have to happen before the world leaders get a grip and do something more aggressive? My inquiring mind would like to know.

Jeff Kassman


Milbank column on target

In Dana Milbank's column in the Mail Tribune Nov. 11 titled "Netanyahu further damages United States-Israel relations," Milbank was appropriately critical of the Israeli prime minister. Some might wonder why Netanyahu would go to such extremes to sabotage an important foreign policy agreement of Israel's major ally and benefactor.

There are politicians who are very adept at drawing attention to or exaggerating an issue to avoid dealing with another issue that may be much more significant. Netanyahu has been obsessively focusing on Iran for what seems like a very long time, while doing nothing meaningful about the West Bank occupation, which is the principal source of very justified criticism of Israel from all around the world. The occupation denies any democratic rights to more than 2 million Palestinians in Israeli-controlled territory, while Israel is continually promoted as a democracy.

As long as the occupation persists, the settlements continue expanding and Netanyahu does nothing meaningful to change the situation, the critics of Israel will have plenty of material to support their criticism.

Victor Mlotok


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 18