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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 20

Give renters more notice

Regarding the Nov. 14 article, "Portland rules give renters more notice": I would encourage the Medford City Council to adopt similar rules.

It would give some protection to the most vulnerable constituency: seniors and those living at or below poverty levels. We can barely afford the rents in this valley. Now, with landlords gouging renters with increases of $200 a month or more, it is what I consider criminal. I'd love it if my Social Security increased that much. I'd be happy to pay a reasonable increase in my rent.

Although 60 days' notice for most renters is a legal requirement, landlords often choose not to give more than 30 days' notice. The renter's recourse is to seek legal action, but most cannot afford it.

Please require notice for no-cause evictions of at least 90 days. Or, how about for every year the tenant has lived in the home they get 10 days' notice? Also, if rent increases are 5 percent or more per month, allow the tenant the choice of paying or moving with at least 90 days' notice required. Put a stop to abuse of landlord greed. It will not stop until legislative and/or city action is taken.

Ruth DeVore


Thanks to opinion writer

Many thanks to guest opinion writer Frank Bertrand (Oct. 16) for writing an informative, solution-oriented, non-threatening article about the gun control issue.

Thanks to him for inspiring hope that a solution can be reached. I believe, as he does, that with guidelines for behavior and conduct that include mutual respect and maturity, discussions and debates will find sensible changes that can be made in the very near future.

Thanks to him for showing our future leaders how it's done.

Diana Gilley


Spectacular timing

In a spectacular bit of timing, President Obama said ISIS was "contained” on the morning of the attacks in Paris. Did he mean “contained” in the 10th and 11th arrondissements? This was not well reported in the mainstream media.

Obviously, what we need to do now is go in and kill every man, woman and dog that believes in the caliphate, not “contain them,” they are already here. If you don’t believe me, just check out the number of Syrians crossing our porous border from Mexico.

We need to aggressively attack their social media recruiting program. Why do they have a website? Can’t we take it down? We have a 15-year-old that can hack the CIA director's email; maybe we should fire the director and hire the 15-year-old.

We spend billions on Homeland Security, but they are too busy putting their shield on Netflix discs (check it out) to secure the border, or to know who is here overstaying their visa.

Lee Topham


No imposed obligation

Since when does an unelected governor have the right to tell anyone that they have a moral obligation of any kind? The state does not possess morality; morality comes only from God and can only be earned by individuals.

If the governor wants to house refugees in her own house, that is her business. If she wants to force me to pay the expense of hosting refugees in Oregon, that is quite another.

I have no moral obligation that could ever be defined by another, and certainly not one that could be defined by the state.

Greg Reeser


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 20