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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 22

Create a haven

Our nation is divided on whether to allow 10,000 refugees into this country. Admitting them is not the only solution.

If the goal is to help them survive the terrorist movement, we should work with other NATO members to create a safe zone for them somewhere in the area where they currently live. For what it would cost to vet, transport, settle, provide health and human services and ultimately incorporate them into our society, we could create a temporary haven, educate their children, provide vocational training for the adults and keep them safe while we help resolve the regional problems.

If, on the other hand, the goal is to create a potential security problem for our nation, to further overwhelm our health and human resources and to provide yet another divisive issue for our nation to deal with, bring them on.

I vote for helping them, in any way we can without creating a problem for us.

Myron Hauser

Central Point

Hypothetical vetting

A hypothetical vetting of a Syrian refugee carried out under the present administration:

Interrogator: No question related to your ethnicity or religious beliefs will be asked, nor are you required to offer such information. Now, are you a terrorist yourself or do you support radical Islamic terrorism?

Refugee: No! Never! A terrorist? Why would I come into the USA if I were a terrorist! No, I am a jihad ... oops, I mean a peaceful man.

Interrogator: Good! Now, without disclosing the name of that country, what sort of work did you do in your country of origin?

Refugee: Ah, I worked as a developer of roadside ... oops, I meant exotic explosives.

Interrogator: Good, very good! A skill that seems to be in demand at the present time. Now, if we allow you to enter our country as well as allowing you to vote, for which political party, Republican, Democrat or Independent, will you vote?

Refugee: Oh, I will vote Democrat! They are making it so easy for refugees to enter your vile ... oops, I meant wonderful country.

Interrogator: Superb! No need for further questions. You're vetted! Welcome to the USA and the Democratic Party!

Gaither B. Everett


Armchair warriors

It’s Wednesday evening (Nov. 18) and I’ve been watching the PBS Newshour, where I witnessed Parisians spending an evening out at their usual sidewalk café. Were they afraid? Yes, but they were determined to not allow ISIS to dictate their way of life. In other words, “Drop dead, ISIS. Sure, you can kill some of us, but you’ll never kill the Parisian way of life.”

Contrast that with 30 American governors (all but one Republicans) who claim they won’t allow Syrian immigrants into their states. They haven’t the legal standing to do that, of course, but they could hamper federal efforts to enforce it.

Now, are these the same Republicans who’ve ceaselessly criticized our president for not responding with American “boots on the ground” every time a world hot spot occurs? Seems we’ve got a lot of conservative armchair warriors.

Quit listening to the Australian billionaire’s political views as heard on his Fox Network (you know, that billionaire who got himself into big trouble in the UK). Instead, become a real American through self-discipline, by not listening to biased sources of information. It has a greater influence on you than you think.

Hartley Anderson


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 22