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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 24

Disservice to the public

It seems a disservice to the voting people of Oregon (by the way, the same people the city councils and county commissioners across the state are paid to represent) that voted to legalize recreationsl marijuana that the city councils, etc., can't leave this law alone.

We the voting majority voted into law that recreational marijuana use would be legal. Done! Let this law work. Quit messing with it. They can't figure out from week to week if they will or won't allow this or that.

Hera me again: Leave this law and the legal users and growers alone! Let law enforcement enforce the state law as it's written. Remember, the people voted and won to allow legal recreational use of marijuana.

I am not even a user; I just believe that we want to live in a world with less intrusion into our laws and lives.

Allen Stewart


Grow inside, not out

This is to the City Council members in Medford who do not live next door to a yard where pot is grown.

I happen to be unlucky enough to live next to a pot crop. It stinks like a skunk; we are not able to enjoy our front porch and the odor lasts for several weeks. I would not object if it was grown inside if it's necessary to grow at all. If the council allows it to be grown they are invited to come to my house next October and enjoy the fragrance wafting across my porch.

Chuck Gates


No surprise

No real surprise that Kate Brown is in lockstep with Obama on the Syrian refugees. Why not place our state in jeopardy by potentially welcoming terrorists to live among us?

This state cannot take care of its own folks with an education ranking of 41st in the nation and 44th in unemployment with a 6.0 unemployment rate. So let’s bring a bunch of people who are going to need a tremendous amount of assistance with food, shelter and other assorted care that will be paid for by us the taxpayer while potentially putting us in harm's way.

My suggestion for Kate is that she make room for these folks in her neighborhood and figure out how to pay for their care by the folks who agree with her position because myself and others don't.

Cliff Geddis


Rethink statue plan

I have lived in Ashland for 25 years and love the city very much. I live the whole Rogue Valley; people are so good and care about their families and each other.

I remember coming back from a visit to a former fiancé in Seattle many years ago; a child on the plane cried, "Medford! Beautiful Medford!" And that's how I felt exactly.

And that's why, in these times of sudden evil and terrible shootings of innocent citizens worldwide, it grives my heart that Ashland should wish to reinstall a bronze statue of a man holding a rifle in the Plaza.

I've thought about it a lot over the years, of what would be more appropriate. Definitely something uplifting and more symbolic of our city and our region of so many good, bright, caring people.

The Chautauqua comes to mind again and again as an integral art of our heritage and nurturer of Southern Oregon's values, thought process and morality. Presently, we seem to learn of them only incidentally.

It would be wonderful to honor the Chautauqua.

Patti Morey


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 24