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Letters to the editor: Dec. 13

Strangers' generosity

In a season when shopping is frantic, and news about politics and terrorism is especially bleak, a kind, honest Walmart shopper gave me a huge dose of gratitude. This mysterious shopper found my black leather purse in the far reaches of the parking lot of the north Medford store, and walked it through the rain to turn it in intact. My husband and I are bowled over by your generous spirit! May the joy and peace you gave us be magnified in your home for years to come.

Marie Reeder

Rogue River

Answers for deniers

Climate change deniers/skeptics like Ted Krempa (Mail Tribune, Dec. 4) are now asking about peer-reviewed studies that humans’ greenhouse gas emissions are causing climate change. That’s what the hottest year on record (2014) followed by an even hotter year (2015), polar ice melt, rising sea levels and continued severe drought will do.

Objective deniers/skeptics might find www.skepticalscience.com/global-warming-scientific-consensus-intermediate.htm useful. There they can access the peer-reviewed study of all (more than 12,000) abstracts of peer-reviewed articles on global climate change. That overview study finds that 97 percent of climate scientists expressing conclusions concluded that humans’ greenhouse gas emissions are a significant cause of climate change.

They might also reference www.sciencemag.org/content/306/5702/1686.short for “The Scientific Consensus on climate change,” which cites other articles.

Mr. Krempa also mentions SOCAN’s website as showing what its “agenda” is, but he doesn’t say what it is. As a SOCAN board member, I can tell you that SOCAN’s website http://socan.info. does state SOCAN’s agenda. SOCAN’s mission is to:

  • Recognize the urgency for bold action against climate change,
  • Promote awareness and understanding about the causes and consequences of climate change, and
  • Develop solutions and motivate concerned citizens to take action.

David Beale


Half the truth

George Will’s Sunday (12/6) column making the case against progressive taxation is both a valid criticism of the deeply flawed centerpiece of leftist dogma and a massive obfuscation of the real issue all at the same time.

His argument against taxation is completely correct when it comes to earned incomes from labor and investment of real unmonopolized capital in the real economy. But when it comes to unearned income of the kind economists call “economic rent” which is estimated at 40-plus percent of GP in all its forms his ideas are completely incorrect.

He goes so far as to make reference to economic rent by referring to “rent seeking” but he does not elaborate. He leaves the impression that his valid comments regarding earned incomes apply equally to unearned income/economic rent.

 People like George Will only tell half the truth about taxation, leaving the issue confused and in a dangerous quagmire. Liberals need not feel vindicated since they are doing the right thing calling for increased taxation of the wealthy for the wrong reasons. Establishing equality is not a good reason to tax but eliminating the implied theft inherent in unearned income that is an exploitation of everyone is. Economic justice is preferable to Band-Aids.

Wendell Fitzgerald


Seeking accident information

If anyone saw the semi that hit a Toyota Celica on Dec. 8 at the exit 24 interchange, please call the authorities with any information. The drivers of both vehicles went to pull out of traffic. The diver of the Toyota could not open his door and had to crawl out to the passenger's side of the car. As he was trying to do this the semi turned around and went back on the freeway. He left the without exchange any info.

Any info would be appreciated.

Cheryl Robertson


Not on right track

Amazing, isn't it, how a president who has destabilized the Middle East is now convincing people that he's on the right track for saving the planet.

While Obama is tilting at his climatological windmills, I wonder if he gives any thought to the 10,000 recently unemployed coal miners who are trying to somehow provide for their families.

Ron Smith