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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 16

Disappointed in lottery

I was very disappointed to read in the Dec. 10 Mail Tribune that someone in another country won the Oregon Lottery by using an online lottery agent based overseas. If he had been here and purchased a ticket like everyone else here, that would be different. I'm very disappointed in the Oregon Lottery. I've not participated in the past and I certainly won't now!

Phyllis Joy


Close off the stench

Myth: pot will be welcomed by all! Not! Have you smelled that evil weed with many plants ripening? I have! Some have planted a LOT of this offending weed outdoors out in the county - it smells like a battalion of spraying skunks 24x7 from Aug. - Nov. As Dr. Seuss says, it is “Stink, stank, stunk!” It is sickening, and we can no longer work or enjoy our outdoors. We can't open windows and get fresh air any time 24/7 in the Fall. My quality of life is in the outhouse, not to mention my rural residential property value collapsing along with my well-being and happiness. I been at my place for over 42 years - it used to be heaven, now it's hell when pot ripens. Cultivation of pot breaks federal law, period! If has to be grown, put it inside sealed structures. Jackson County Commissioners: Do something to control the stench. At least look at Colorado law: In order to grow cannabis lawfully, it'll need to be in a fully-enclosed location. This could be a basement, garage or greenhouse, but must remain closed off at all times (opening windows doesn't count as enclosed). CB 13-0735

Pat Elliott


Exxon repents

Exxon came out of its 30-year-old closet of lies per the Washington Post, Sunday, Dec.2. The company admitted the role that fossil fuels play in global warming and offered a rather catastrophic prediction of 7-12 degrees F. (or more) in the near future.

They recognize that we need major involvement from governments if the global warming they promoted is to be stopped. And they are also on board with a revenue-neutral carbon tax, much like the one that Bernie Sanders just introduced in the Senate.

The fact that Exxon is currently being sued and publicly excoriated as the prime mover of our current problems may have something to do with this come-to-Jesus moment they seem to be having. But it is always nice to see repentance no matter how grievous the sin.

Exxon now joins the pope, most climate scientists around the world, IMF, NASA, NOAA, the Defense Department, the United Nations, the World Bank, insurance companies, big banks and all those who think critically.

The deniers, who still cling to Exxon’s old propaganda and hold thermometers in disdain, remain quite willing to sacrifice their own progeny — and ours.

Lee Lull


Peace on Earth

Hope springs eternal, as the old saying goes. And it's true even with the frightening events in our world of 2015. For example, look at the recent extremist attacks in Paris, France, just one among many today; and then the increased frequency of earthquakes being experienced worldwide (thousands now each year as compared to about 300 a year 100 years ago) like the devastation this past year in Nepal.

Holy scripture says, "There will be signs upon the earth distress of nations ... men fainting for fear ... for things that are coming ..." But then hope is assured as St. Luke continues "... when these things begin to come to pass, look up, our redemption is at hand." And lastly, "watch, then, praying at all times that you may be accounted worthy ... to stand before the Son of Man ..." Peace on earth and goodwill to all.

John Matson


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 16