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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 21

Playing football

Ninety-seven percent of scientists concur that climate change is real. A convergence of evidence from multiple lines of inquiry include pollen, tree rings, ice cores, coral, glacial polar cap melt, sea level rise, ecological shifts, carbon dioxide increase and the unprecedented rate of temperature increase.

The 3 percent of scientists who differ have little agreement, a number of methodological flaws and a pattern of mistakes in their research. All who deny the problems of climate change are either ignoring inconvenient data or disregarding known physics.

Most of the Republican candidates for president rely on this flawed information. Frankly, this scares me, and I believe they are playing football with our planet and our future existence.

Annie Drager


Go vegan

The United Nations World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) — 22 international scientists — analyzed decades of over 800 scientific research studies from several continents before their results were medical-journal published. A person is not coming from a place of science if eating carcinogenic meat.

The La Verriere, Le Centre Tout Naturellement, and  Lush Spa in Paris all have vegan cafes.

In Ashland, the Northwest Raw's modern cafe design on Main Street is brimming with fresh-pressed juices and other healthy vegan indulgences.

The Essential Wellness natural healing center on Main Street has its own cozy veg cafe that exudes an earthy vibe, setting the tone for Young Living essential oils Aroma Dome spa treatments.

Nancy Nelson


Be the eyes and ears

A large group of young people in Paris were at a concert hall listening to a rock group from the United States called "Eagles of Death Metal." They were totally unaware that in just a few minutes many of them would die or be seriously wounded. They had no clue that such a needless, horrible thing would happen.

It's almost impossible to understand why the terrorists would do such an evil thing. But they knew all about this band and all the evil (in their eyes) songs they sing, such as "Kiss the Devil." Their conclusion was that the young people must be as evil as the band or they wouldn't be there. The terrorists decided to do the will of Allah and were willing to die in the process.

It was discovered later that some of the neighbors knew something was going on, but they were unwilling to snitch on them. We need to be the eyes and ears of the police and not worry about the implications. Maybe then, needless death and sorrow could be averted.

Gordon DeVos


Praise for police

On occasion, I disagree with some issues related to the Medford Police Department. However, from an overall perspective, I have to say that the Medford Police Department does a damn good job of keeping the peace in Medford, and they serve the community well.

Sadly, in the past week, there was a murder downtown. Within a few days, the Medford police had arrested both the alleged perpetrator and his accomplice, with one of the arrests occurring out-of-state. Gentlemen, I'm very impressed! Good job!

This is not the first time that the Medford police have responded to local crime in a rapid and aggressive manner. That appears to be their modus operandi. They catch the perpetrator quickly.

At a time when the police throughout America are trashed regularly by certain special interest groups and the media, I'd like to take this moment to personally thank the Medford Police Department for making Medford a little bit safer place to live.

Curt Ankerberg


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 21