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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 25

Grinch took over

How could you let the Grinch come in and take over the Columnist for a Day on Dec. 20? Mr. Senften grumped about his letter carrier, cashiers, and the delivery of the paper. Really?

I'm not a Pollyanna. I would get irritated with crazy drivers as I commuted to work for 17 miles. I realized I owned my own attitude. This really helped and I just had to take on a humorous attitude and prayed we would all make it to work safely.

His cashier probably sensed his grumpiness. Or maybe he or she was tired as they just got off a shift to work a second job to support their family.

Letter carriers are an important part of commerce and communication. They have no control over the junk mail. And his paper delivery? Mail Tribune circulation can help him. Carriers work in horrible weather conditions at times and still manage to get the paper to us. (Thank you, Jamie).

We all own our attitude. We can decide to be angry or not. Roland Senften should have an eggnog and decide if he wants to own an "early onset of grumpiness" or wants to be happy.

Patti Busse


VA trauma unit superb

What a treasure we have in Jackson County! The PTSD/Trauma Therapy Unit at the Veteran’s Affairs Domiciliary in White City is a true diamond. The counselors attending our veterans for various reasons are empathetic, knowledgeable, trustworthy, educated and their sole goal is to assist our veterans to a path that leads them to better mental health and a better quality of life.

As the wife of a veteran who suffered from PTSD for over 40 years, I have first-hand knowledge of their services. After my husband’s first visit, there was a notable change in him. The process was not always easy and at times quite painful. As the weeks and months went by he became a softer, gentler man. A man with an open heart rid of self-blame and guilt.

There are never enough words to thank our veterans for our freedom. The staff of the PTSD/Trauma Therapy Unit can assist every veteran to become their best selves. I would encourage every veteran to take advantage of these services. Each one of you deserves the best in life!

Sandra Zander


Cheers to art

Cheers to the city of Medford's art commission for sharing their art collection at the Medford county library. In the words of former Portland mayor Bud Clark, the famous poster boy, "expose yourself to art." Enjoy the work of the many local artists, most of them still very active.

Al Willstatter


Educate the ignorant

There is a lot of ignorance in the media's and politicians' rhetoric with regard to word usage.

Muslim means a follower of Islam, a religion, as Christian means a follower of Christianity, also a religion. Why, then, do supposedly intelligent people use terms such as Muslim troops, Muslim terrorists, Muslim countries. If we substitute the word Christian for Muslim we can see how ridiculous it is.

Fear and suspicion are running rampant in this country and our "leaders" must be truly educated about what they speak and our media must take responsibility to report unbiased news, not yellow journalism.

Let us not use labels incorrectly because we will find ourselves mistakenly in a religious war. Remember the First Amendment, freedom of religion.

Jill Iles


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 25