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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 31

Support public transit

As a 16-year bus patron and a U.S. Navy veteran, I would like to take this opportunity to educate the public at large regarding the wonderful albeit limited bus service we have here in the Rogue Valley.

The elderly, mothers with infants and/or children, cancer patients en route to treatment, veterans (who served their country), bicyclists, students (both college and high school), employees — full-time, part-time and seasonal — plus the physically and mentally disabled, the poor and the homeless: The Rogue Valley Transportation District faithfully serves them all!

According to the Bible, we are our "brother's keeper."

At any given time, voter, if you own a vehicle, you could lose it! If you have the ability to walk, you could lose it! The almighty gives, and he takes away!

Remember that the next time you vote against helping RVTD obtain modest funding to conservatively expand service.

You, too, could be without transportation and/or personal mobility, and have to depend on a bus and its schedule!

Think about that the next time you cast your ballot.

Jacqueline Glynn


Jennings there first

Excuse me. Sam Jennings was there when the pharmacy decided to build there. If their customers don't like what's next door then the pharmacy needs to move.

T. DeHart


Business boo-hoo

Regarding the Mail Tribune's story about the continuing "problems" of the Sam Jennings business downtown: It occurs to me that if Christian's Pharmacy, which is a newcomer to that area, wanted not to be located next to Sam Jennings, all they had to do was not open up there.

The owner stated, "I hear all my patients complain about the unsightly mess of it." In reality I think he needs to realize what his patients/customers are actually trying to tell him is that they hate his choice of location for a new business.

I can't feel too bad for them since they are like the family that buys a house at the end of a runway and then screams about the need to close the airport down because the noise is just too much for them to bear.

Christopher Beard


PERS solution

I loved the editorial cartoon for the PERS problem. I have the solution.

All PERS employees retired in the state of Oregon pay both federal taxes on the PERS and Social Security. We single widows and widowers even have the luxury of paying the higher single rate. Oregon also taxes the PERS income and has taken away the medical deduction for those of us over 65. So the amount they gain in state tax payments is higher than it would've been. Just take our Oregon tax payments and apply them to the difference.

There never would have been any PERS to start with, without having money withheld from us over the decades. After this settlement I now have $140 a month to spend, as well as having higher taxes to pay.

Janice Anders


A message to thieves

I would like to tell whoever came onto our porch on Geneva Street in Medford and felt entitled to our two amazing, large wind chimes (one with black 4-foot tuned tubes and the other, gold 2-foot tuned tubes): I sincerely hope you or whomever you may have gifted them to, really enjoy them, as they were a special gift to me and will be truly missed.

It has always confused me as to why people like yourself feel compelled to take things that don't belong to you. Merry Christmas!

Linda Hutsell


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 31