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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 6

A work in progress

We have been exhorted to find a way to stop violence, but without gun-control (Opinion, Dec. 28). I don't want to mess with the Constitution, but the Second Amendment has been a work in progress.

The Founding Fathers were so happy to see that a citizens militia had sent the Redcoats packing, they wanted to keep it around, well-ordered, to defeat any other tyrant to come. Meanwhile we have had a volunteer expeditionary force, the draft and now a professional Army. When the South applied its militia to repel the domestic "tyrant" Lincoln, Gettysburg put a bloody end to the glory of the citizen militia. Right or wrong had little to do with that defeat: The North was better equipped.

More so now: To overthrow a tyrant, every person should have the right to keep a tank in his garage and maybe a missile launcher in the backyard. We saw this Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square confronting a government tank: He lost.

When we resort to armed uprising, we merely create a bloody mess. The "Arab Spring" spawned ISIS. My faith in representative government may be challenged, but it remains the only solution I must believe and cherish in word and deed.

Hans H. Stroo


Not very neighborly

So once again I see the city is against Sam Jennings Company downtown.

Apparently Christians Pharmacy hasn't taken the Bible to heart. Love thy neighbor, and yet they speak out against him. They claim all of their customers speak out about the unsightly surroundings. Not true!

I will take my business to a more honest profession that doesn't discriminate against others. At least his business is still going; with all the empty spots around downtown you think the city would want people there.

Russ Vedder

Central Point

Another oath-breaker

Since the English Magna Carta, the people have entrusted their public servants to do what is right and conduct themselves above reproach. When that did not work in England and the founding fathers came to America they enacted the Constitution.

Now these public servants, such as Justin Hagey who, when growing up, recited the Pledge of Allegiance and later was sworn into office, swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. He is no different from these public servants, judges, prosecutors, police, who on a daily basis break their oaths in some way.

These public officials do not conduct themselves according to oaths or the Pledge of Allegiance or Constitution, they rely on the good ol' boy system. If all of us in America want to do drugs, then let us legalize all drugs as in Europe, and prostitution, thereby having very little crime, saving taxpayers huge sums of money. If we do not do this then we must want rape, murder, robbery and violence against woman to happen. I pray to Jesus this is not true.

James Byrns

Gold Hill

Thanks to Providence, OCF

St. Vincent de Paul would like to acknowledge the generous support of Providence Health & Services, the Oregon Community Foundation, the Collins Foundation and the Ben B. Cheney Foundation for helping us reach our $150,000 fundraising goal to expand our Urban Rest Stop (URS). This much needed shower and laundry facility has become so popular with the homeless that there is hardly room to move inside it. Thanks to these community partners, next summer we plan to double the footprint of the facility.

The URS, like all of our St. Vincent services, is staffed totally by volunteers. We encourage anyone interested in getting involved to call us at 541-772-3828. We will provide you with training and put you to work.

Rich Hansen


Letters to the Editor, Jan. 6