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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 23

The wrong target

A recent letter suggested The Great Republican Land Heist in the February 2015 issue of Harper’s Magazine for a broader understanding of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge takeover. Add to this Mother Jones Magazine’s Jan. 13 piece, "The Oregon Militia Is Picking the Wrong Beef with the Feds."

While some ranchers accuse the federal government of overzealous environmental regulation of public lands, it points out, their demands for putting Malheur in local hands would repeat the ecological ruin that this area experienced in the 1930s. It describes the real threat to ranchers — the consolidation of the giant meat-packing companies, which has resulted in ranchers having less leverage to get decent prices for their cows and little choice but to scale up or get out of the business.

Rather than demanding the federal antitrust authorities break up the beef giants, the Malheur occupiers want to take away the public lands that belong to all of us — lands that millions cherish and use — for the benefit of a few individuals and companies. This would also deprive local communities of substantial economic activity from recreational visits to national wildlife refuges and other public lands.

Barbara Comnes


Restrict government

Recently, Ms. Sommer (Dec. 23) offered us an invitation to join her in supporting a series of failed or failing government-controlled programs. I see her letter as an invitation to cast aside reason, appreciation of reality and common sense while joining in group-think.

ObamaCare and government-run education are expensive failures — according to their own metrics. Weekly, Iran and ISIS declare they are at war with the U.S. The president's response is to try to deprive us of our right to self-defense, not accept reality.

We are urged to support "climate change science" based on computer modeling, not actual data, and are told that increased taxation on the productive and the stifling of economic freedom immediately may, possibly, in the undefined future, result in a cooler planet.

If Ms. Sommer advocated for more individual freedom and responsibility, free-market capitalism, and an appreciation of the Bill of Rights, I would join her. Until then, I cannot accept her invitation.

I do not believe that a government run by flawed human beings can really create an earthly paradise. Government should be restricted solely to the limited duties outlined in the Constitution, not control, nanny-like, every aspect of our lives.

Dennis Sinclair


Act today

The World Economic Forum announced its Global Risks Report. A realistic outlook, a call for action on complicated world issues. It has analyzed 29 global risks. These include environmental, geopolitical, societal, economic and technical risks.

The top risk is the failure to address climate change. Climate change has the potential to do the greatest damage due to rising population growth, potential global food insecurity and potential global pandemics. It is an urgent threat and we need to be proactive and act interdependently, realizing that climate change exacerbates other risks, such as water crises, food shortages, limited economic growth, weaker societal cohesion, increased security risks and political conflicts.

Postponement of action will make mitigation and adaption more difficult, more expensive, more tragic, more devastating. This is a moral issue, and children “have the right to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate for the benefit of all present and future generations.”

Act now: write Gov. Kate Brown to reject the Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector Pipeline.

Call/write your legislator for support of the Healthy Climate Act. Call Senator Edwards, the bill's sponsor: give him your support for the Healthy Climate Act. Do this today. The February Legislative Session is short-35 days. Act today.

Visit http://socan.info/healty-climate-bill for Healthy Climate Bill information

Louise Shawkat


Thanks for assistance

To the two people who found my husband, who was weak and disoriented, over by the Social Security office on Jan. 6, please accept my heartfelt thank you once again.

You took the time to help him back to the car, search for some identification, and drive him home after calling me. You could have made it easy on yourself by just calling 911, but you went the extra mile. In my panic, I forgot to get your names, but please know I will never forget you. As it turns out, you saved his life that day. If you look over your shoulder, you'll find wings.

Pat Dumas


Irresponsible reporting

As a longtime viewer of KDRV evening news, I was seriously disturbed at irresponsible reporting on the fatal shooting of a suspect by an off-duty police officer. KDRV interviewed two witnesses who declared the shooting to be unwarranted.

Witnesses are not experts in police incidents and interviews should be conducted by law enforcement officials, not by news sources seeking to incite viewers.

Second-guessing and undermining the police is a trend these days. It is hard to believe KDRV would encourage this is in the Rogue Valley, where law enforcement works hard to be responsible while protecting its citizens.

Margaret Bradburn

Eagle Point

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 23