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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 25

Save our children

One can not put a value on our children. It would be sadistic to believe that our children are less valuable than guns in America. It repulses me to tell you such is the case.

New twist in the Republican/NRA propaganda machine, "Little Red Riding Hood": first in a series from Amelia Hamilton. A reimagined fairy tale that says the NRA suggests that "putting guns into the hands of children is a good idea." Just what this country needs, a gun-toting Red Riding Hood, so young children can feel embolden about guns. Insane.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows 2,525 children died by gunfire in 2014. One child dies every three hours, and 48 children die a week, and the Republican Party just Tweets. Disgusting. These horrendous facts are not acts of God.They are our indefensible choices as Americans.

We cannot stay numb, cowed or intimidated by cowards who value profits over human life.

The Republican Party and the Republican candidates' position on guns is almost a form of mental illness.

The only way past this is to vote for the person who will save our children.

Not sell them.

Michael A. Long


Restrictions needed

I keep reading the letters concerning the growing restrictions that are being considered for marijuana and how bad that would be for the patients who need it. Well, it didn't seem to be a problem until "recreational" marijuana became legal. Those who have started their grow sites since the legalization are not selling or providing for only patients, but selling wherever they can profit.

We moved from "the city" out to the county to a peaceful little piece of land in 2014. We loved sitting on the back deck, drinking our coffee and reading the newspaper in the morning and then enjoying a barbecue dinner out there in the evenings. Just enjoying our little piece of heaven.

Then "pot" became legal in July 2015 and the horrible stench came with it. During "grow season" we cannot enjoy the outdoors, cannot open our windows in the evenings. It has us confined inside our home, locked in like prisoners during the nicest time of year.

No, I don't want pot in my backyard, I want to be able to retire and enjoy my yard once again. Restrictions are needed. Manufacture sites need to be in commercial areas, not residential.

Shari Tarvin

Shady Cove

Buying spree

None of the politicians are mentioning much about the national debt and what they plan to do about it.

Here's what concerns me: Foreigners are owed $6.22 trillion of this debt, with China and Japan owed the most at $2.48 billion combined. China is making some large smart purchases in the U.S., such as Smithfield Foods (pork factory) by Shuanghui International for $4.9 billion, Motorola by Lenovo Group for $3.1 billion, Fairchild Semiconductor International by Hua Capital/China for $2.5 billion, Legendary Entertainment by Dallan Wanda Group for $3.5 billion and GE (appliance business) by Qingdao Haier for $5.4 billion (this transaction is taking place this month). This purchase of nine appliance manufacturing facilities employs 12,000 workers.

Now, this is just a tiny bit of the money China/Japan have to spend. What if they went on a real buying spree! Remember, it takes a thousand billion to equal 1 trillion and they have almost $2.5 trillion to spend. Lord, help us.

Gordon DeVos


Letters to the Editor, Jan. 25