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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 26

Opinion was informative

The Jan. 10 Smith/Moro guest opinion about the Healthy Climate Bill was informative and very convincing.

Great to hear the Oregon Legislature will consider action in February to help protect Oregon for our children and grandchildren.

It makes total sense to give the largest oil and coal companies and big utilities financial penalties if they keep spending money on fossil fuels that make climate change worse — and use that money to create financial incentives for switching over to renewable energy and making our communities more energy efficient.

A recent report indicated $7.9 million was spent in Oregon by fossil fuel industries in the past three election cycles to influence elected officials and policies (oilchecknw.com). Fellow citizens, don't let their direct contributions, lobbyists and propaganda from PACs kill this bill.

It's a win-win proposal. Small businesses and consumers are protected, while the 50 or so biggest corporations polluting our air finally have reason to do what they should have been doing all along.

Estelle Voeller


Stop the slaughter

Forty-three years have passed since abortion became legal in this country. Fervent passion burns hot on both sides of this moral issue.

With the technology in use today, there is now ample evidence to identify clearly the images of a living, pre-born human being.

After nearly four decades, the number of Americans aborted is reaching nearly 60 million. That is equal to the estimated number of all the men, women, and children who died worldwide in the Second World War.

How does a nation that champions human rights and promotes saving the environment, all of which I am for, fail to stop the holocaust of its most innocent, helpless, vulnerable citizens?

Americans are appalled and horrified by the acts of ISIS. Why are we not equally shocked, horrified and disgusted by Planned Parenthood's selling of baby body parts? Thousands of babies a day are murdered for profit. A staggering 323,999 innocent, unborn babies lost their lives to abortion at Planned Parenthood centers last year. This is enough to fill Yankee Stadium six times.

The time has come to defund Planned Parenthood and stop the slaughter. Is the freedom of choice really worth destroying a life?

Mark Elliott


Protect resources

I would like to thank Sen. Alan Bates for recognizing the importance of protecting our rivers and fish from the impacts of suction dredge gold mining.

Is it worth allowing miners who wish the state to “drop dead” to stir up mercury in our rivers and damage salmon habitat rather than act to protect resources that provide for all of us and our local economy? Surrounding states, including California and even Idaho, have recognized the impacts suction dredging has on clean water and fish and have placed restrictions in order to protect these important public resources. Oregon is now finally moving in that direction as well.

Five years of temporary restrictions on these mining practices went into effect this January, and Senator Bates has plans to balance the needs of fish and mining in February’s legislative session. I am hopeful that long-term solutions to protect our clean water resources and sensitive fish species will come to fruition. These public resources belong to all of us, not just a small minority who publicly flaunt violations of state law.

Charles Gehr


Letters to the Editor, Jan. 26