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Letters to the Editor, March 7

Who will own pipeline?

When planning a construction project, it isn’t just the physical component that needs planning. You need financing, materials, plans, approvals, contractors and subcontractors.

With the LNG pipeline and terminal facility we already know that it is a Canadian company. We also know that materials are arriving by ship.

Where are the materials coming from? Where is the financing coming from? The lenders will in effect be the ultimate owners of the pipeline. I want to know what country wants to own the pipeline proposed for our Southern Oregon.

Tom Collett

Gold Hill

Leave parties behind

I am a registered Democrat, even though everybody knows I’m an original intent constitutionalist and a conservative. But I’m warning my fellow Democrats that if you support Sanders, your own party has made your efforts unattainable and void. If you sent Sanders campaign money, you literally tossed your money down a rat-hole.

The “superdelegate” system the Democrats established was to make certain the party’s choice gets the nomination — and that choice is Clinton. Check it out yourself! Clinton has so many superdelegates already committed to her that no matter how you vote, Clinton gets the nomination.

That is just not right!

The establishment Republicans only wish they had the same corrupt and rigged system, which is why Trump has been able to do an end run around their efforts to derail him in favor of an establishment candidate like Rubio — or Cruz if Rubio drops out.

When both parties conspire to thwart the will of their own voters, it is time to register as independent and leave them both behind.

They won’t learn any other way.

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

System is corrupt

Health care costs was the topic Sunday, Feb. 21 on CBS "Full Measure" by Sharyl Attkisson.

Partnering with the Pioneer Research Institute, they discovered huge disparities in costs across the USA. A knee MRI cost anywhere from $400-$4,500, and it is nearly impossible to get a price quote. PRI made many persistent unreturned phone calls. Healthcare Financial Management Association CEO Joe Pheifer agreed that the industry needs fixing.

The reason a quote often cannot be given is because of the Obamacare system questioning who pays and a complex coding methodology: Does the patient pay, insurance, or government? Personally, I turn 65 this July but until then, I pay a $614 premium with a high deductible. Recently I needed a biopsy (thankfully negative) that would have cost $2,900, but I could pay $2,400 cash on the day of procedure. Then come the unexpected bills of $575 from pathology and $584 from radiology.

My husband found out from our accountant that between retirement and starting Social Security, the IRS will penalize you for even a one-month lapse without coverage. The whole system is corrupt, heart-wrenching and costly!

Debbie Dauenahuer


Thanks for help

Just wanted to say thank you to Julie, Holly and Scott at the upstairs information desk of the Medford Library. Really appreciate your help and positive attitude.

Rene Forncrook


Letters to the Editor, March 7