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Letters to the Editor, March 8

House is not OK

I read in the Tidings where the Ashland Planning Commission actually approved a private residential home to be built next to the existing skating rink on Winburn Way. That’s right across from the main part of Lithia Park.

As an Ashland resident now here for 17 years, I have the right to object to something I feel is very wrong. Lithia Park belongs to the people, the deer, the trees, and all wildlife who need the park as a home. Allowing an individual to build a big house in such a public location is wrong. No, it's not OK.

I do not understand how this is allowed to happen. Don’t Ashland residents have a say so on such an issue? My feelings are that an Ashland Planning Commission meeting is in order where residents are allowed to express their feelings on such a plan. I hope that residents will object to such a plan so as to keep the park as our park for our recreation, where we enjoy freedom to take nature walks and enjoy nature.

Nina Council


Perpetuating a lie

In 1973, when the Supreme Court was deliberating on Roe v. Wade, modern technology was not yet available to the justices. They simply assumed that when life began was undeterminable.

That proved to be a false assumption and a lie. Today science shows that life begins at conception, and a sonogram unmistakably reveals that when a woman is pregnant, what's in the womb isn't a tadpole or turtle, it's a human baby, a human being.

The Jews memorialize the Holocaust to prevent its repetition. Abortionists perpetuate the lie about abortion to legitimize their senseless killings of unborn children. Abortion may be legal, but what is legal is not always right. In our own country slavery was once legal. People went to war against the inhumanity of the practice. In 1863 president Lincoln abolished slavery.

May we, too, have the sense to recognize the inhumanity of abortion. Abortion is gruesome, deadly cruel to the unborn child whose only crime is that the child is waiting to be born.

Terry Duran


Build elsewhere

Last night at the City Council meeting, my letter was the only one given regarding the DeBoer house.

I do not know where the DeBoer family lives now, but they are out of touch with the reverence we Ashlanders hold for our beloved park. I am appalled that such an out-sized home was permitted at the entrance of our Lithia Park.

The almost 3,000 square feet is a totally inappropriate home to be stared at by everyone as they enter Lithia Park. It is also incongruous with structures already in place: the city planning offices, Pioneer Hall and the Community Center.

I am hard pressed to understand how the Tree Commission could approve the cutting down of 18 trees. I also fail to see the Planning Commission's lack of awareness of Ashlanders' sensitivity to issues concerning Lithia Park. The whole area is low key, simple, unpretentious.

I ask the Planning Commission to review zoning for this area.

The Earth is at crossroads whether we will survive as a species, and yet this house is flaunting consumerism in our faces. I want to believe that a majority of Ashlanders do not want this house to be built at 85 Winburn Way.

Out of respect for us, we ask the DeBoers to build elsewhere. Thank you.

Carola Lacy


Letters to the Editor, March 8