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Letters to the Editor, March 11

A logical error

Mary Wright’s letter demanding pro-lifers oppose the death penalty to be consistent makes a logical error.

An innocent child in the womb cannot be compared with a guilty adult criminal. A death sentence for a capital crime is an act of justice, while aborting a child is manifestly unjust violence against the innocent.

The truly consistent position is to oppose abortion but support the death penalty, because both uphold the value of human life. The death penalty says that human life is so precious that if you take it, you must forfeit your own. (However, there is currently too much risk of an innocent person being executed, so in practice, I oppose it.)

I don’t think abortion rises to murder because women who have abortions do not have malice aforethought. They are most likely feeling trapped and desperate, making them vulnerable to lies that tell them their baby is just a clump of cells, it's not a person, and abortion will solve their problem.

Killing the innocent can never solve a problem. I hope that women in crisis pregnancies will contact the Rogue Valley Pregnancy Center in Medford, where they will find for help at no cost to them.

Lynn Barton


McConnell destroyed GOP

May I give much thanks to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and former House Speaker John Boehner in leading this country down the darkest rabbit hole America has seen sinse George W. Bush left office when America was bleeding 800,000 jobs a month?

They and their Republicans have tried to kill Social Security, women's rights, the right to vote, veterans' bills to help for the VA.

The Republican Party over these last eight years has promoted blatant racism, homophobia, misogyny and bigotry. Its lies have created a frenzy of hate and anger. Killings of abortion clinic doctors and employees are nothing short of Christian terrorism.

No background checks for gun buyers. I guess they thought that all the kids being slaughtered were other than Republican households.

When Republicans don't get their way, they threaten government shutdowns. And now they give us Donald J. Trump. Trump is dangerous, and they have sent their once-upon-a-time voters running to this side because McConnell has lied and misled these people for so long they have said goodbye to him and his party, and sent them to a much bigger liar, Mr. Trump.

McConnell destroyed the Republican Party.

Michael A. Long


Super messy

If Hillary Clinton is elected Democratic nominee our nation will continue to be bound in legislative gridlock driven by political polarity. This serves the agenda of huge industries and their powerful lobbies and makes a mocking joke of the democratic process.

Thus I will vote for any candidate other than Hillary Clinton, yes, even Donald Trump. A joke, you say? Yes!

Our Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people and money equates to free speech, making a joke out of the democratic process. If the establishment politic of this nation can do no better than Orwellian irony then the nation should get what it deserves, a punch line for the joke.

Tom Espinosa



Because of a transcription error, a letter in Wednesday's paper incorrectly cited the minimum cost of international postage. The correct figure is $1.20.

Letters to the Editor, March 11