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Letters to the Editor, March 23

Bring morality back

A response to "Science's challenge," March 14: The writer may not understand that many believers in a creator are not inspired by mystery alone.

I once knew a brilliant man who gave up Christian belief because he had learned to understand natural phenomena without a god. Having taught astronomy, geology, microbiology and numerous other natural science topics, I, too, know how to explain many mysteries.

We who follow Jesus believe his last promise in his earthly ministry, that he would be with us always. I have experienced his presence in my life, and see it in thousands of those who have had profound experiences like that of St. Paul on the Damascus road. Our belief is rational and experiential, not dependent on mystery.

Those who envision a scientific utopia where sinless automatons replace the human race would do better to pay attention to present scientific challenges. As I study the effect of epigenetics in varieties of schizophrenia, I think how arrogant established science ignores natural nutrition while touting more profitable genetic engineering and drug therapy.

Scientists bury their own findings, refuse relevant research, if pride and money dictate. Bringing morality back to science is the real challenge.

Ira Edwards


Think before you speak

Here are several remarks that Donald Trump made at his rallies, and during news conferences on TV.

I won't put these in quotes, but they are pretty darn close.

Many Mexican immigrants are drug addicts, and rapists.

I'd like to smash him in the face (talking about someone who disagrees with him in a crowd.)

Wouldn't you like to punch him in the face? I'll pay your legal fees if you get arrested, that's a promise.

Calling out other countries and saying how they are ripping off America (those remarks don't help to build foreign relations).

Really, Trump still doesn't see his responsibility for the outbreaks of violence?

His security staff strong-arms people in public.

Trump is in denial of his own behavior.

I feel both parties have something positive to bring to the table, and it's so sad that we have to believe that one side or the other has all the answers, and that the other side is not just wrong, but they are the enemy.

The lack of respect for one another that is acceptable today is beyond my understanding.

Leslee Freeman


Thanks for Costco

I want to thank Central Point for approving the permits for our new Costco.

After years of fighting the South Medford Walmart, what's happened? More businesses are being built and more people are shopping locally. Also, the traffic nightmare they predicted didn't appear.

Where were the protesters when Medford approved the 1,800 new homes to be built right across the street from Walmart? I'm sure there will be no traffic impact there. Guess it's just selective protests.

I will be more than happy to not have to drive over to Medford to shop at Costco and can't wait to see what new business having that store in our community will bring. Oh yes, there's also the perk of the tax base it will bring to Central Point. Kudos!

Wendy Grammatica

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, March 23