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Letters to the Editor, March 26

Protect the right to die

How is physician-assisted suicide not legal in all 50 states by now? It's wonderful that Oregon, California, Vermont, Washington and Montana have all legalized this procedure, but being that it's 2016, it's time for all the other states to get on board.

No patient should feel like they have to move out of state to get the care they need. The reality is that sometimes this "care" is actually ending one's life to stop suffering. Choosing to end ones life and having a physician sign off that they agree that your life should be ended is no small ordeal but living in constant pain and despair is no small ordeal either.

I'm lucky to live in Oregon where since 1997 those who are terminally ill and have been told they have six months or less to live have the option of ending their life. I'm proud to live in a state that has been progressive in attending to the health care needs of its citizens.

Many people don't like to discuss matters of illness or death, but it's a reality we all face as human beings. Let's keep the discussion open and honest when it comes to PAS because it's a right that citizens should have all across the U.S.

Sarah Stucki


Author's disturbing ignorance

I purchased Noreen Hulteen's thin e-volume, "Socialism is Not a Dirty Word," after seeing her shameless pitch for it. I read it well within the 20 minutes she allots.

The author, now 80, omits many important facts when promoting her anecdotally-based love affair with socialism. The most evident omission in describing Mrs. Thatcher's "privatizing" the national railways is the fact that the British government had run out of "other people's money." The national railways were an increasingly large financial burden, offered declining service, bloated bureaucracies and failing infrastructure.

Ms. Hulteen's footnote-less booklet praises the benefits bestowed on individuals by the socialist system, but ignores the great expense, inefficiencies, poor service and huge bureaucracies necessary to keep the creaky machinery of a government-owned enterprise going. The purpose of Clement Atlee's socialist government was "to bestow equality, environmentalism, and liberalism." Oh!

Ms. Hulteen's ignorance of both free-market capitalism, which provides the only path to prosperity, and the rights enumerated in our Constitution is disturbing. These provide equal opportunities for all to develop their talents for their good and that of their fellow human beings, while encouraging innovation, creation, entrepreneurship and freedom. Socialism corrodes the individual's spirit and that of the country.

Priscilla Vanderlip


A life-saver

On March 16 I went to the Central Point Dollar Store. As I was walking to my car, a van was backing out from a parking place.

I didn't notice the car, and I was walking in back of it when it started to back up. At that moment a gentleman put his arms around me and pulled me to safety.

I don't know who he is, but I thank him so much for helping me. I ask God to bless him.

I am so lucky.

Gloria Ruth

Central Point

Afraid of change?

After reading all the letters complaining about the new "unfinished" freeway interchange in Talent I have to wonder: Where have all these people come from?

There are roundabouts and efficient interchanges all over the country and the world. Medfordites are still complaining about the roundabout on Highland and Siskiyou.

You can’t get off the "freeway" in Great Britain without going through a roundabout. They have no problem. Why are the people here so afraid of change?

Most of them have come from parts of California where the freeways and interchanges are horrendous. The Bay Area is notorious and don’t even get into Los Angeles. I know from personal experience what a nightmare those areas are.

Yes, I admit that the first time I was traveling north and missed the temporary off ramp at Fern Valley I couldn’t believe it. But the next time I paid more attention.

It’s going to be fine. It’s so much better than it was — gridlock at all hours of the day.

Give it a chance and pay attention. If you can’t follow signs, perhaps you shouldn’t be driving in that area or at all.

P. Moran


Crain deserves support

I am writing to encourage the voters of our area to re-elect Patricia Crain as Circuit Court judge.

For several terms, she has run unopposed, no surprise considering her sterling reputation for intelligent, fair and considered decisions. I admire her ability to discern whether nonviolent offenders who come before her are ready to make use of the many programs our region offers for rehabilitation, a talent that works well for both the people who appear in her court and for our community.

Please help me guarantee that those of us who live in Southern Oregon continue to receive judicial excellence by re-electing Judge Crain.

William Coyne


Letters to the Editor, March 26