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Letters to the Editor, March 27

Traffic is inevitable 

In regard to "Wrong place for Costco," by L. B. Borum on Thursday, March 17:

One thing that wasn't mentioned is that about a third of Costco customers come from California and other Oregon towns, so it would be much easier, quicker and safer for them to reach Costco from Interstate 5 without getting onto the overcrowded Highway 62 and other surface streets.

I agree that the roads (Biddle, Hamrick, Table Rock) would become more crowded, but the way our towns are growing this is inevitable, whether it is Costco or some other business. Better to have a freeway close so fewer surface streets will be affected.

Karen Whalen


Questions for congressman

I, like much of the local population, moved to Medford from another area and have been pleased with my decision. I have at last negotiated the local and statewide political landscape.

It is clear that no matter what happens, a congressman from one political party will forever represent me in the U.S. House of Representatives. It appears that he, or perhaps someday she, can stay pretty much off the radar without having to answer difficult questions concerning their voting records.

So, with respect, Congressman, could you please answer these three questions? (1) Considering what you know now, is there anything you would do differently if asked to approve the invasion of a country in circumstances similar to March 2003? (2) Who do you support in the current Republican primary? And (3) Since 1999, when you entered Congress, have you ever made a serious legislative error that you later came to regret?

Apparently, you will represent me until the Republican Party bigwigs select your successor. I am interested in what you can offer an independent who is fed up with the leadership of the current Congress, in which you are a major player.

G. Michael Miller


They love their country

The silent majority that supports Donald Trump love their country. They don’t hate, they dislike! The silent majority disliked the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.

These riots did more physical damage than depicted by the biased AP reporters. The “hands up don’t shoot" narrative was false. The New York “choke hold” didn’t happen. Most recently a “sucker punch” didn’t happen. The biased AP reporters write their opinion and the dishonest editors print this biased opinion.

Concerning the “sucker punch,” the finger-giving disrupter was pushed by a forearm and not hit with a fist. A video can't lie. The video proves the papers are not being truthful.

The silent majority that supports Donald Trump love their country, especially the police force. The silent majority believes in law and order. They dislike groups like Black Lives Matter who use hate speech against the man in blue.

Black Lives Matter has cut down free speech and so have several college campuses. The silent majority dislikes the disrupters that deny freedom of speech.

I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I do like what is truthful. I will vote for Donald Trump. I can’t vote for the vetted liar Mrs. Bill Clinton.

Bill Hartley


Letters to the Editor, March 27