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Letters to the Editor, April 6

Not the best location

In regard to a Tiny House community opening across the street from the nonprofit Randall Theatre Company of Medford (and other local businesses), although we are not blind to the plight of the homeless — we provide free showings of our productions for the underserved among other programs that help our community; we do care — when planning a project of this type impact must be measured on all sides.

Will it work for the homeless as well as for the businesses that surround the area or will it just help one side or the other? Environmental and fiscal impact studies are done for this reason. How will a project affect what is surrounding it?

The proposed location is not ideal for this project as it is too close to functioning businesses that rely on the general public for their livelihood. It seems there would be multiple locations outside of the downtown core or in the county that this project can call home if enough time is spent to look.

Putting it plainly, unless the location works for everyone surrounding it, another location should be considered.

Robin Downward


Political amnesia

Typical of the monthly letters of Michael Steely, his recent comment, “Republicans have given us Trump” (Letters, March 26), indicates factual political reality has been replaced by his ideology and political amnesia.

Although everyone agrees that Trump has a unique haircut, it is also a fact that most news outlets agree the rise of Trump is primarily due to voter anger over politics as usual. A prime example is the past seven years of an incompetent Obama administration that has fueled a desire to return leadership to the White House.

Although the Republicans are not innocent bystanders to voter distrust, polls indicate that 72 percent of Americans feel Obama is taking this country in the wrong direction, which is easy to understand when Obama admittedly has no ISIS policy, thinks ISIS is a “contained JV team,” will not use the term radical Islamic terrorists, and feels it is more important to do the wave at a baseball game with a communist dictator and dance in Argentina while Brussels is reeling from the latest ISIS attack. No, the past seven years of the Obama administration are primarily responsible for Donald Trump.

John Mittendorf


Shameful behavior

The Republican debate and behavior of the candidates has been shameful. We have witnessed an embarrassing erosion of respect and civility.

I understand the frustration with many of our elected officials and the view that legislation and the business of Congress is stalled in the mire of ideology. We respond by becoming a culture of blame. We have allowed corporations to have influence on Washington on a grand scale and those "too big to fail" to place our national and global economy in a fragile state that has put the American dream out of reach of most young Americans.

Where are the values of honesty, integrity, charity and service to others? I believe those values are alive and well in many of our neighborhoods — held by people of many religious persuasions, colors and sexual orientation.

This country was built on the backs of immigrants and Native Americans. We are all pilgrims. I believe democracy is at a crossroads and that "we the people" need to stand up for the values that truly matter not for ideologue without compromise. It may be too late for this election, but I have faith in America and the recovery of our democratic ideals.

Nancy Cavanaugh

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, April 6