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Letters to the Editor, April 9

21st century socialism

So Bernie Sanders hopes to detoxify the word “socialism.” That's a tall order. Aversive conditioning causes many folks to react to words that gall them in a way that preempts any deeper thinking. The toxic word is seen or heard, the knee jerks wildly, and the brain disengages.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an intergovernmental forum, uses a combination of citizen-satisfaction surveys and objective measures to assess the happiness of people who live in market economies. Here are the top 10 happiest countries from their latest study: Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, Australia, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Interesting. Nine of the ten happiest countries in the world are socialist democracies. It's the integration of those two doctrines — socialism and democracy — that's critical. Maybe it's time for America to grow up and shed those fear-based word associations that date back to the early 1900s. By assertively promoting economic justice, we, too, could become one of the happiest peoples on earth.

Steve Bismarck


Re-schedule primaries

My wife and I was discussing how it seemed unfair that the Midwestern and Eastern states always start off first in the United States primary process. The same sequence of states starts the process off and the Western states are on the back end of the schedule.

To make it fair, which seems the American way, would be to vary the primary schedule order of the states for each general election. As a suggestion, maybe two to three years prior to the next scheduled general election, a lottery-type drawing could take place to select a new schedule for the 50 states. Similar to the PowerBall drawing, each of the 50 states would have their respective state ball placed in a hopper to be chosen randomly by a lottery machine.

With the lottery being held three years in advance of the next general election, this should give each state adequate time to reschedule their respective election dates and by the time this may become law each state would be able to handle this easier with the options of voting by mail or online.

Gary Sumrak


Choices are abysmal

The choices we have for our next president are abysmal. We have two men who are big babies who taunt each other and make fun of the other's wife. Then we have a socialist who thinks he has all the answers, and last but not least, we have a person who just can't seem to tell the truth and may end up being arrested.

Who would have ever believed that people like the ones mentioned above have done the following: made us the greatest debtor nation (over $19 trillion) told us there is little or no inflation, caused our people to lose over $1 trillion in lost interest at our banks (zero interest rates), allowed the Federal Reserve to print worthless money (no backing), used quantitative easing, which will eventually come home to roost, turned our back on God and Israel, and last but not least, allowed us to believe they are creating many jobs every month when actually 10 thousand people are retiring every day (300,000 a month) and the jobs we are supposedly creating are simply replacing retired workers, not creating new jobs at all. We are a bunch of sheeple, easily led, lied to and fleeced.

Gordon DeVos


Breidenthal fights for us

My letter is in reference to the MT April 2 editorial “Counties push back against state” reprinted from the Coos Bay World.

This opinion really resonated with me from a "county control" standpoint and it also illuminated what Doug Breidenthal has been working hard for and referencing in his stand for bringing back more control to the county (hence his membership and meetings with state and national county organizations).

It seems important and admirable to do what is right for the citizens of our county rather than fret and worry about what Salem or metro Portland or other leaders want. We need local leaders who have the courage to step forward and not be intimidated by the fear of disturbing the status quo, or challenging power leaders, but rather fight for their constituents. Just like our county commissioner, Doug Breidenthal.

Joy Olson


De-fund Wildlife services

I wish here to bring attention to the inappropriate use of taxpayers' money to fund an agency, specifically Wildlife Services, which brutalizes wildlife that belongs to all of us.

It is a very secretive agency with no transparency. The public deserves transparency as to the brutal methods used to kill wildlife, animals who private citizens wish to get rid of.

The methods used are animals crushed in traps, shot, poisoned, strangled in snares, absolutely barbaric methods. Nonlethal methods must first be implemented, and prevention, before killing our fellow wildlife creatures. Wildlife Services, which is funded by Jackson County, needs to be de-funded until major changes are made or the killer contract totally canceled. Lets save our sentient beings for our future generations; they have a right to their varied ways of life.

Our taxes must not be used to subsidize the interests of a minority of property owners who should be taking care of their own problems. All the violence and killing must stop; we have enough violence in our world.

Nina Council


Letters to the Editor, April 9