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Letters to the Editor, April 10

Who hacked the iPhone?

Why is there no story concerning who hacked into Apple's phones?

How much did our FBI pay for the info? Who else is this information being sold to (China, Russia, Korea)?

Will apple file a lawsuit against the hackers?

Nancy Randolph


Make it stop

If anyone wants to see more corporate-sponsored, tax-funded "blight" visit any major traffic choke point in the valley, and don't miss Delta Waters! Please God, make it stop.

Gary Cullins


Not April Fools

Wonderful — “pay a convict not to kill someone”; fund trips to South Africa, London, Mexico City, etc., in the hope "shared experiences" would ease tensions/forge new connections …. How warm and fuzzy!

Reward bad guys for not indulging in bad behavior, rather than rewarding and helping responsible people for good deeds and good behavior! How is this different than payoffs to the Mob for "protection?" Not how I want my tax dollars spent!

The article gives an example of $1,500 paid to an an ex-con that has enabled him to purchase a black 2015 Nissan and spend hours driving around with friends (gas money?), smoking pot — but not not “hunting.” Even he wonders how he will keep up the payments and insurance once the gravy train stops. Likely with another repo and another crime to fund his activities when the "bribe" money stops.

I would rather help a single working mother feed kids and purchase a 10-year-old car to get to work. How screwed up are the priorities of our leaders?

Could only wish this was April Fools Day joke!

Sandra Davey


Wolves, coyotes and cougars

Kudos to Judy Van Blarcom! She is so exactly right. What were they thinking re-introducing wolves back in to the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere for that matter.

All three of these predators are vicious and kill for the fun of it. They disembowel their prey, and they would disembowel a person if they had the chance. I would have no problem blowing away any of these horrid animals. I don’t even find them beautiful in the least bit.

I just do not understand why people are so excited about having any of them around. Wait until one of your beloved pets goes missing, or you hear a fawn crying in agony. These predators do not deserve to breathe. I know I sound harsh, but nature is cruel enough without these three around.

Sharyn ‘Jinx’ Arthur

Gold Hill

Many species are lethal

Judy Van Blarcom (Letters, April 4) thinks wolves should be allowed to die out because of the inhumane way they kill their prey. On wonders if she's ever visited a slaughterhouse — or even a zoo.

Snakes swallow mice and rats and digest them alive. Spiders suck the bodily fluids out of other insects. Lions and tigers tear living animals limb from limb.

It's hard to think of a carnivorous beast that treats its meals with gentle consideration. By her standards, more than half the creatures on this earth are "beautiful but lethal" and should be hunted to extinction, including us!

Grover Gardner


Market parking

Have you been to the Farmers Market? Half of Hawthorne Street is blocked off with "no parking" signs.

The businesses have their own lots, so why "no parking"? I'm sure the Farmers Market will lose a lot of buyers.

Lois Barre


Letters to the Editor, April 10