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Letters to the Editor, April 28

Vote yes for RCC

I write to encourage others to join me and vote yes on Measure 17-69 to support Rogue Community College's needs for capital improvements to its campuses. The improvements will allow RCC to better train local students for the jobs that are available in Southern Oregon in medical and high-tech fields.

It is important to allow members of our community to have access to appropriate and affordable education and training for local employment, and up-to-date facilities are necessary for this purpose. Skilled employees earn living wage jobs. Businesses looking to relocate to the Rogue Valley will evaluate the quality of its workforce and educational opportunities available for their employees. Members of our retirement community are dependent on the quality and availability of health care.

The upcoming vote is an opportunity to support and endorse the need for a skilled, educated workforce. Please vote yes on Measure 17-69.

Patrick Huycke


Vote for Orr

Pat Crain and David Orr pitched their candidacies for Circuit Court on KMED recently.

Of significance is 1) Judge Crain esteems drug rehab. It's admirable to help someone get "clean and sober." But the program must protect us against repeat offenses. Deputy District Attorney David Orr has a clearer focus on protecting us and our property.

2) Our sitting judge is nearing retirement age but won't promise not to retire mid-term. Her choice of retirement date is her prerogative, of course. If she can't finish a term, she shouldn't run! DDA Orr has promised to serve a full term or terms. Oregon's process is for judges being elected by the people (unlike the national process of nominations vetted and voted on in Congress). Mid-term retirements by sitting judges rob us of our votes. Elect the one who won't sidestep the system: vote for David Orr!

Robin Lee


Vote for Crain

Judge Pat Crain has an impressive record as a judge.

She knows family law inside out and she applies it fairly and even-handedly. She has played a central role in the development and evolution of the various parts of our court system devoted to matters affecting families. Even in the difficult and often heart-breaking circumstances of families in crisis, she never loses sight of the needs of children.

No one, including Judge Crain’s opponent, is criticizing the quality of her work. We would cut off our noses to spite our faces if we voted out one of the best judges Jackson County has had in the last decade for no reason other than that she first became a judge by appointment. And voting her out would not change the appointment process one bit. I urge you to vote for Judge Patricia Crain in the upcoming primary.

Priscilla Weaver


Help for addiction

With the headlines reporting large increases in drug use, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged about the future of our community. However, there is a beacon shining in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

We have had dear friends ensnared by insidious addiction. What has given them the courage to change the things they can: Drug Court. A phenomenal program, judicially overseen by Judge Crain. If you have loved ones facing this, encourage them to walk this path. It won't be easy, but true change never is.

Shannon L. Maddox


Letters to the Editor, April 28