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Letters to the Editor, April 30

Improve the system

The article about the state failing to keep our highest risk children safe summarized all the "wrongs." Where were the recommendations for improvement?

"Caseworkers take too long to investigate" implies inefficiency on a personal level. The truth is limited investigative staff and overwhelming reports.

"Returning children to parents" who have completed drug treatment or parenting is a challenge for caseworkers, CASAs and judges, but no one guarantees they are risk-free. Laws demand efforts to stabilize homes keeping families together.

Foster parents deal with difficult children. New proposed regulations may help, but thorough screening has been in place for years.

Lastly, yes, parents should have regular visitation, but why don't they? Transportation and staffing costs money. One, one-hour visit might take three to four hours to pick up, supervise and return children. So you do the math: two to three family visits a day, with hundreds of children in care, is limiting. Dollars on prevention like Head Start and affordable day care will help. Invest in teens. More staff.

Yes, it costs money and resources. So do roads. What is more important? Don't be too quick to judge caseworkers, foster parents or judges. They aren't the abusers of these children.

Andrea Patterson


Vote yes for buses

As a former RVTD bus rider of many years I am shocked at Tom Winter’s suggestion to vote no on the upcoming Measure 15-141.

He says it is an attempt to force property owners to pay for a service that few use. How does he know that? Many people have no means of transportation other than the bus.

He said users should pay for their own service. Well they do pay to ride, but that isn’t enough for RVTD to exist. They have cut service for Saturdays and evenings already. How can RCC students and workers get to their jobs?

Yes, inflation affects everyone. Are we not supposed to pay taxes for schools just because we have no children in school? Or not pay for police or fire protection even if we do not use their services? Please vote yes for our bus system.

Virginia Kennedy

Butte Falls

GOP is self-destructing

You can’t make this stuff up: Not only are Republicans nominating Trump, but they’re blaming it on Obama. They blame Obama for anything they don’t like, and they don’t like their presidential candidates. What they need is a little personal responsibility — everybody knows they’re just reaping what they sowed.

Trump and Cruz are so bad that establishment Republicans were hoping to nominate Paul Ryan in a backroom deal during the convention (no wonder they’re holding it in a gun-free zone), but Ryan pointed out the nominee should be someone who ran for the position. So we’re back to the battle of the demagogues, whose campaign promises of torture, carpet bombing, mass deportation and banning of Muslims show their contempt for American values.

The Republican strategy of fomenting fear and anger has been their own undoing. They can either nominate one of the mad men who got the votes, or further infuriate their angry base by nominating someone sane. Either way they lose, but all the crazy rhetoric is making the U.S. sound unhinged. Republicans have turned the GOP’s self-destruction into a sleazy reality show. It’s too bad they don’t believe in death with dignity.

Michael Steely


Stop property tax greed

When is the property tax greed going to stop in this county? Every year bond proposals flood the ballot. RVTD, Historical Society, RCC.

How about the people that use RVTD pay at the time they use it? And why do the taxpayers have to pay for extended education? We already have a 3 percent property tax increase automatically every year. Where does that money go?

All these proposals come at the time county commissioners get a raise. The county seems to have money when they want it. Like loaning money to the county administrator for a home; I did not know the county was in the loan business. I think it's time the taxpayers put their own proposal on the ballot: Its time to repeal the automatic 3 percent tax increase every year. It needs to end now!

Wayne Graddy

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, April 30