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Letters to the Editor, May 6

Vote for RVTD, RCC

We have an opportunity to make a significant contribution at low cost to the economic vitality and environmental and social health of our beautiful valley community. The Rogue Valley Transportation District and Rogue Valley Community College are requesting that voters support small levies, which combined would add less than $3 per month for the average homeowner. The value to the health, vitality and commerce in our community far outweighs the small cost.

These well-managed public entities contribute much value to our community, whether it is educational advancement or rides to RCC and SOU campuses, hospitals and medical offices, veterans to and from the VA SORCC, and people shopping. Investment in transit and education pays dividends to the community in terms of economic activity (jobs) and reduced traffic.

Please vote for measures 15-141 for RVTD and 17-69 for RCC, and make this small investment in our community’s future vibrancy.

Daniel Davis


Veterans need bus service

Veterans of the Rogue Valley ask you to support Measure 15-141 to help provide essential bus services that many of us depend on.

When veterans return home, and often for many years after, many of us face challenges in making the transition back to civilian life.

Transportation is often a key — to look for housing or a job, or to get to a class or medical appointment.

RVTD provides thousands of rides to veterans each year to get to basic services.

Unfortunately, bus service for veterans and others has been drastically cut because the funding rate has not been updated since 1975.

Measure 15-141 would cost the average homeowner about $2 a month to provide basic transportation services for our veterans and others and to prevent further cutbacks. 

J. Breed, veteran


Vote for Wright

I have known Michael Wright for about 20 years. He has lived in the Rogue Valley his entire life.

I've been a mortgage banker for 28 years. Michael has come to my offices many times to update my loan officers on FHA changes that affect our borrowers.

He has been involved with Rogue Valley housing market for over 25 years and for 13 he owned his own appraisal company with multiple employees. During that time he introduced me to many people who have learned to trust his opinions as I have. People in business, developers, contractors and Realtors.

He is a man of high integrity. When people ask him questions I am amazed by his ability to articulate even the most complicated subjects. I know him well, and if elected as our assessor, Michael would advocate to protect homeowners from excessive taxation.

Chris Jacobsen



A few weeks ago a letter writer implied that anyone who believed in God was foolish for believing in medieval superstitions. I'm just a ordinary, hard-working, modern man with no claim to fame, but I do believe in God and also science.

Here is a website that documents an "incident" that occurred in 1996 Argentina, not 1296 Europe. It involves both what I believe is a miracle, but also has unbiased scientific verification. Our present pope, Pope Francis, was a cardinal at the time in the area where it occurred. It is but one reason why I believe and specifically why I am a Catholic. I hope the letter writer in question is open-minded enough to give it some consideration. The website is: www.catholiccompany.com/getfed/pope-francis-eucharistic-miracle-in-argentina/.

M. Stewart

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, May 6