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Letters to the Editor, May 12

Tell the whole story

After reading the May 4 article about Phoenix I can't help but wonder if Tony Boom will follow up with something less fluffy.

Let's look at why the city of Phoenix has rid themselves of four very qualified city managers, various reasons to be sure, but why? Let's look at how many other very qualified managers/employees they have swept away. The same people are and have always been at the core of the troubles plaguing the city and still they are not called to task even in the midst of various ethics complaints.

It's my understanding Mr. Dahl's contract would be up in 90 days and the city could have chosen to not renew, with an additional cost of zero. By firing Mr. Dahl the city would need to buy out that contract, at what cost? For a cash-strapped town this does not make sense. Would love to see the MT really tell the entire story.

Paula York


Concerned for mustangs

Rounded up wild mustang mares are currently being held for Oregon State University experimental sterilization. I am gravely concerned regarding the health and safety of these mares.

It is also of concern that a well respected Oregon university known for outstanding veterinary medicine education and research would consent to experimentally sterilize wild mares. I have read about some of the proposed methods that could be used, where serious complications and death are a viable concern even in the most sterile environment under optimal conditions. Given the unsterile conditions in BLM holding pens, the lack of sufficient post-operative rehabilitation facilities and general stress and trauma in these horses, it would appear extremely cruel and unusual to subject them to these experiments. Many mares could bleed to death or contract terrible infections requiring that they be put down.

Most Oregonians and wild horse advocates would support research into minimally invasive, non-surgical, low-risk interventions such as a birth control injection. So we need to mobilize resources to support programs to help manage horses in the wild so that they may remain in their natural family units and social group on the ranges, free from captivity, without threats of capture and slaughter.

Nina Council



The Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Inc. (SOREDI) Board of Directors urges area voters to support the Rogue Valley Transportation District's Measure 15-141 on the May ballot. We need consistent and sustained public transit services to support the growth of our local economy and the jobs offered by expanding businesses.

The increased transit services proposed under the RVTD levy will provide essential bus routes to jobs, education, training and medical services. One important new route proposed would link RVTD's downtown bus terminal to Rogue Community College's Table Rock Campus in White City, giving students full access to all of the area’s university and community college facilities.

RVTD’s proposed expanded transit services will provide the necessary transportation linkages between work, school and other important services needed to support the region's economic success. Please vote for expanded transportation services to support our jobs and economy.

Ron Fox, executive director


Letters to the Editor, May 12