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Letters to the Editor, May 13

Try out online poll

In a location like Southern Oregon with only three county commissioners, the election of each is an important decision. I had the opportunity to hear all four Jackson County candidates currently running for the office. They took part in two informative debates, one sponsored by the Mail Tribune and another by the League of Women Voters of Rogue Valley. After careful listening, the forums helped me pick my favorite. But I had a strong inclination for the runner-up as well. In many places you are able to voice your preference with an option to rank your choices. Using that method, a brand-new online poll lets you weigh in on the Jackson County commissioner (Position 2) picks.

Go to Civinomics.com and use their search button (magnifier glass) to find "Jackson Co." Click on the word "polls" (upper right) and cast your votes. (Refresh page for results.) While online, to hear the candidates in action, watch a forum via video at LWVRogueValley.org. Your official ballot is due May 17, but you can vote now in a more sophisticated poll. It might be interesting to see how your choices compare to others.

The link to the Jackson County poll at Civinomics is https://civinomics.com/search/Jackson%20county

Barbara Klein


They're running scared

Well, the true colors of the professional politicians are coming through. They are, for once, letting us know they could give a hoot what the American public wants. The upper echelon of the Republican Party is turning their collective backs on the people's choice, Donald Trump, to represent them in the presidential election.

As businesses go, the good old USA is the largest business in America and it has been systematically driven to bankruptcy by politicians and lawyers posing as politicians. Who better to run a business than a very successful businessman?

I don't agree with a lot of Trump's ideas but he can run a successful business.

The good old boys and girls in power now are afraid he will break up their clique, and we the people hope he does.

Think seriously before you jump. Do you want another four years of lies and deceit?

Harry LeVine

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, May 13