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Letters to the Editor, May 15

Supporting Crain

I join the chorus of citizen's voices urging the re-election of Circuit Court Judge Patricia Crain.

As a former colleague of Judge Crain, I saw firsthand the dedication and effort she puts in to all of the responsibilities of the position of Circuit judge. As a former Drug Court judge, I can attest to the qualifications needed to do this difficult and valuable work, which Judge Crain exhibits in spades. The legal community has been enriched by her presence on the bench, and she has earned the entire community's support in her re-election bid.

Mark Schiveley, retired Circuit Court judge


Vote yes on RVTD

More buses, more frequently (including Saturday), to more key places in our community means a healthier people, better educational opportunity and a stronger economy. Please vote yes on the RVTD levy on May 17.

Al Densmore


Vote Challstrom

I beseech all voters to join us in voting in a fresh "idea person" for county commissioner, Position 2 — Gordon Challstrom. Contrariwise, Strosser is not only stale, but he's been in collusion with east-side developers, Chamber of Commerce, etc., for nearly 20 years.

Strosser always claims no property tax hikes, then uses a "study" (wasted taxpayer dollars, over $300,000 on aquatics "studies") to shift his inherent intentions of force-feeding projects onto taxpayers with their very own "study money" (he did the same with east-side road striping to favor developers, not to mention his spearheading forcing fees onto us for police and fire by sidestepping the voters altogether). Putting Strosser in charge of anything would’ve been analogous to putting Orson Welles in charge of the Twinkie factory. The other candidate (Breidenthal) shouldn’t even be considered. He had his time and, to say the least, he didn’t shine! Vote Gordon Challstrom!

C. G. Curtis


Support RVTD

A functioning transit system in our region is essential. Without it, we have more gridlock, pollution and separation between the haves and have-nots.

Do we expect everyone to travel in private cars? Transit gives independence to those who cannot drive: kids, elderly and less-abled people and those without private cars.

The ballot measure supporting RVTD brings critical improvements to our transit system: prevents service cuts, provides Saturday service, and increases service on overcrowded routes. A new route will serve South Medford High School and improve service for RCC students. Do you really want all those students to drive themselves or get driven to school? Let them take the bus!

Our community is growing whether we like it or not; let’s not make growth worse by increasing private cars on our roads. Vote and support RVTD; we will all benefit from better public transit.

Frances Oyung


Challstrom is a leader

When considering a candidate for office, many tout the person’s resume as the best guide for qualification. That’s reasonable, but in this challenging era, perhaps not. Resumes can reflect bureaucratic cultures within which candidates operated. They can represent paradigms accepted, reinforced by years of “success.”

For county commissioner, our choice is between administrators or a leader. For too long we contented ourselves with competent administration as the ideal of governance.

But in this era of increasing federal encroachment on state and local government prerogatives and upon personal property rights and other constitutional liberties, we need a leader to challenge the system — within the full measure of the law.

Gordon Challstrom is not steeped in “how things are done.” He understands the authority legally vested in the commissioners' office. Teamed with the very able Colleen Roberts, Gordon Challstrom will give Jackson County the courageous and visionary leadership we desperately need.

Will Reishman


Letters to the Editor, May 15