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Letters to the Editor, May 16

Applegate deserves protection

The BLM's recently released Proposed Resource Management Plan drops the Applegate Valley's designation as an Adaptive Management Area (AMA). Applegate residents have long endorsed and embraced the AMA because it engages local people in the planning process through community collaboration, and mandates the use of innovative land management techniques that use current science and local knowledge of the land.

The PRMP also axes the Applegate's beloved Dakubetede Lands With Wilderness Characteristics (LWC) and Wellington LWC. The popular Sterling Mine Ditch Trail traverses the Dakubetede LWC, while the proposed Applegate Ridge Trail traverses the Wellington LWC.

As the population of the Rogue Valley grows it is increasingly important to protect these areas for their ecological importance as well as for the growing recreational economy of our region. People in urban centers need places to find solitude and quiet recreation. The Applegate wants to see our backyard back country protected to preserve the rural character of our valley.

Although these two LWCs have very little commercial timber (they are mostly composed of chaparral and grasslands) it is important to note that they are worth more to the economy of Southern Oregon, protected for non-motorized recreation, than they are as stump fields.

Suzie Savoie


Proud of Target

I read another letter in the MT angrily condemning Target’s decision to allow transgender people to use the restroom appropriate to their gender identity. The letter writer likened these people to sex offenders and vowed to boycott Target.

I was greatly relieved to know that my transgender friends would not have to share a restroom with this scary person.

As for Target, I have always loved them. Their Philippe Starck tape dispensers and George Nelson toasters fill me with joy. But their decision to support transgender men and women (who have run a more difficult personal gantlet than any straight person could imagine) has made me proud of them.

Leslie Morgan


Vote for Charter

We were pleased to see the MT endorse Joe Charter for justice of the peace. We have known Joe for many years and he has earned our friendship with his integrity and ethical approach to both his professional and personal life.

In addition to his many accomplishments as the current justice of the peace, where programs he has initiated have improved the safety of our citizens, Joe gives back to the community in many ways, including participating in programs that enrich our art scene and the mentoring of young people.

Why would you make a change in something that is working so well? We encourage you to turn your ballot over and vote for Joe Charter for justice of the peace.

Mike and Betty Laurs


GOP ignores the rules

How interesting that the Republicans can make up their own rules as to what rules they will or will not follow, such as disregarding the mandatory "shall" that pertains to the duty of the president to nominate a candidate to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, then refuse their obligation to "advise and consent," and then seek to distance themselves from their own presidential candidate because he makes up his own rules.

George Rice


Letters to the Editor, May 16