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Letters to the Editor, May 19

Protect public land

I moved to Ashland from San Marcos, Texas, eight months ago. As a birder, naturalist and friend of several conservation scientists and activists in the area, I have been cramming information about local ecology and conservation issues of Southern Oregon during the short time I have lived here. While I certainly have not become an expert on this area’s wildlife policies and management, what I can offer is an outsider’s perspective.

I come from a state where there is very little public land. After living most of my life in regions of endless agricultural land and urban sprawl, Oregon seems like a paradise.

All over this state there are unbelievably beautiful and unique wild places even in the backyard of the major cities. What this region has truly is special, unique, unlike anywhere else on earth, from the huge diversity of plants, to rare and declining animals like the northern spotted owl.

From my perspective, it seems inconceivable to have land-use policies that don’t protect what makes this region special. Oregon has something that so much of the country has lost and may never get back. It would be a tragedy for Oregonians to forget this.

Nate Trimble


Do Americans care?

Thursday evening, May 5, while attending the National Day Of Prayer rally at Medford's First Church of the Nazarene, 1974 E. McAndrews Road, a godly pastor asserted, "America's hope is not in government, but a repentant return to God." This raises the question: "Are Americans practicing Communism?" This posted at YouTube.

Historically totalitarian national socialism, whether communist, Nazi or fascist, is godless, anti-Christian, evil and murderous! Yet do Americans today even care? Cheryl Chumley's April 22, 2016 commentary: "Dissatisfied? Quit Thinking 'R' vs. 'D' ", can be read at www.NewsWithViews.com. The Constitution Party of Oregon's Vision and Mission statement: "Freedom under God," can likewise be accessed at www.constitutionpartyoregon.net and reminds us the unique feature of political life in the United States of America has set it apart from all other nations.

Finally, private gun ownership and the Second Amendment remains the cornerstone of human dignity, security, personal autonomy and freedom from fear. My recent Thursday, April 27 Ashland Daily Tidings letter: "Harriet Tubman Was Armed" is archived for public reading at www.dailytidings.com. The Bible states:

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance." —Psalm 33:12

James A. Farmer


A conspiracy?

If there’s too much carbon dioxide in the air, maybe we could invent something that will take it out and as a bonus give us something useful.

Wait a minute, isn’t that what trees do? They take CO2 and convert it to oxygen, fruit and wood. We could use that wood to make houses, furniture, etc., and grow more trees to store more CO2. Win, win.

Except that environmentalist don’t want that to happen. They would rather they burn, and put the CO2 back into the air. We could genetically modify the trees to grow twice as fast and produce twice as much wood. No, the eco people don’t like GMOs. Well, maybe we could convert all the coal plants to nuclear? Except the environmentalists don’t want that either.

The environmentalists are a problem and a hindrance, but the bigger problem is our elected officials and the various agencies that listen to them and don’t use common sense to solve these problems. If the environmentalists had sway in 1900, we wouldn’t even have horses, much less cars and planes, because horses pollute too. We all should show a little common sense in solving these problems.

Larry Fields


Letters to the Editor, May 19