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Letters to the Editor, May 21

Leave fuels in the ground

Having voted for Obama, twice, I cringe when I read about some of his positions. A most critical one at this point is that he and his administration want to open up millions of acres of public lands and waters to extract and burn fossil fuels. The carbon emissions from this action would affect the climate disastrously.

While the majority of the world is realizing that we need to break free from fossil fuels, our administration has its head stuck in the sand.

Climate crisis is hovering; five islands of the Solomon Islands have already been covered by water and Louisiana's Isle de Jean Charles has shrunk by 98 percent, forcing most of the residents to relocate.

President Obama must be accountable to the people and not allow corporate profits to have priority over clean air and water. It is a duty for all of us, especially our "leaders" and "representatives" to do all we can do to assure a safe planet for future generations.

President Obama has the power to mandate that fossil fuels stay in the ground and that money be invested in the transition to renewable energy and appropriate technology.

May it be so.

Jill Iles


Transgender satire

I have recently discovered that I now identify as a female. This after four years in the Marine Corps and three wives.

What a relief it is to me to know that I can now go to Victoria’s Secret and use the dressing room without fear of being arrested. I only hope that the lovely young ladies there won’t make fun of my 74-year-old body, otherwise I’ll have to take legal action.

Life is good in America, unless you live in North Carolina.

Ed (Edwina) Seward


BLM plan unwise

The new Resource Management Plan proposed by the BLM will significantly affect rural communities and economies in Southern Oregon.

The proposed RMP will drastically increase logging in dry forests throughout the region. The heavy forest canopy removal proposed by the BLM will increase fire and fuel hazards adjacent to rural communities. The RMP will reduce streamside buffers that benefit water quality, fisheries, and terrestrial wildlife species such as the Pacific fisher and northern spotted owl. Heavy commercial logging will affect many local areas we love, including the Applegate Valley, the Greensprings region surrounding the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, and the Rogue River, among many others.

The RMP also proposes to remove Lands with Wilderness Characteristics (LWC) designations in the Dakubetede LWC, traversed by the popular Sterling Ditch Trail and the Wellington LWC, west of Ruch, a central portion of the proposed Applegate Ridge Trail.

Many rural communities in Southern Oregon have begun to make the transition from resource extraction-based economies to more modern diversified economies based on organic agriculture, recreation and quality of life. These communities have made economic investments in a diversified economy and the beauty of our region, but this investment is directly threatened by the BLM’s proposed RMP.

Luke Ruediger


Vote your conscience

President Obama will be the only president to set foot on Hiroshima’s soil, 70 years after the United States dropped the first atomic bomb. The White House made it clear he will not apologize for the bombing. No apology would be adequate for the incineration of 140,000 innocent men, women and children, or the 100,000 seriously injured.

Despite the fact Japan was already on its knees from an embargo and strategic bombing, President Truman’s memoirs indicated his action was taken to force Japan into surrendering. A demonstration of the bomb’s destructive power unleashed on a remote island would have sufficed. After Hiroshima, how does one explain the bombing of Nagasaki two days later with an additional 74,000 killed and 75,000 injured?

Truman is viewed as a down-to-earth, reasonable man, and he dropped a bomb. Today, we have aggressive Republican nominee Donald Trump saying anything to get elected, a Republican Party going along with anything to win, and a mass media-addicted electorate, a perfect storm. Republican leaders who should hold the line are falling in behind the pied piper. When the president goes to Hiroshima and doesn’t apologize, think Donald Trump with his finger on the button, then vote your conscience.

Kathy Svendsen

Grants Pass

No benefits to mining

In debate right now are three industrial nickel strip mines that have been proposed in the Southwest region of Oregon.

Although there is overwhelming support from the public to uphold the environmental integrity of the rivers in Josephine county, there are some who claim that blocking proposed mining projects would deprive impoverished locals of economic opportunity.

My question is: how can mining — the epitome of unsustainablility — be considered the answer to the perpetual poverty in Josephine County?

Mining in any form is boom and bust; we saw this with the very first settlers in the region who came to mine gold and left when it was depleted, and we will see this cycle again when proposed nickel mines run dry. Any locals profiting off of mining will find themselves in the same economic situation they were in before.

The only difference is that after mining has occurred, the river will be irreparably damaged. As will the chances for other wilderness-based forms of sustainable economic activity.

U.S. outdoor recreation accounts for more direct jobs than oil, natural gas, and mining combined — and Josephine County, with an exceptional rafting, fishing and jet boating industry, is no exception.

River Davis


Cover Invictus Games

We watched, in awe, the 2016 Invictus Games on ESPN 2 last week. Other than in the daily “On The Air” section of the sports section, listing the event, there has been no writeup of the games, not event the final medal count.

Created by Britain’s Prince Harry, with the first games held in London in 2014, the games are a paralympic-style event in which 485 wounded warriors from 15 nations competed in 10 events. Americans Sarah Rudder, who was injured during the 9/11 bombing of the Pentagon, won seven medals and Elizabeth Marks won four gold medals in swimming.

Toronto will host the 2017 games. I sure hope you can spare some space and ink on the games then. What these wounded warriors achieve in order to overcome physical and/or mental issues deserves recognition. By 2017, the games will grow with more participants and events, and not to cover it would be a darn shame.

J. Scott


Letters to the Editor, May 21