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Letters to the editor, May 24

So proud of voters

I am so proud of the voters in this area that I can barely see straight! Both the RCC measure and the RVTD measure passed, which shows that local residents see the value in supporting local students and public transportation. Wow! And also kudos to voters in Cascade Locks, in rejecting a Nestle bottling plant, which would have provided needed jobs but also caused numerous problems, which ultimately would outweigh the financial gain to the town.


Katharine Lang


The science of warming

Certainly there are individuals in the region who reject the science of global warming and its climate change causes. I would like to point out a couple of realities:

First, to deny the influence of increasing greenhouse gases on our planetary temperature we must reject the understanding of physical properties of these gases that has been advancing for nearly 200 years.

Second, while there appeared to be a slowdown of atmospheric warming through the first decade of this century, the climbing trend has returned with a vengeance. We now see that every month for a year has been globally the warmest such month ever recorded. Locally, while the Rogue/Umpqua snowpack was well above average in February, it has now dwindled to 60 percent of that average. This promises to cause water availability problems later in the year.

Continued climate science denial requires the rejection of basic physics, basic chemistry and data.

But we can address this problem by reducing our fossil fuel use — replacing it with renewable energy, by conserving our forests, and returning to regenerative agriculture that rebuilds soil organic matter.

For future generations, we can also reject candidates at all levels who deny science.

Dr. Julia Rodríguez-Seidler


Now I can relax

Thanks to Larry Fields, in his May 18 letter, for pointing out the error of my ways. All this time, I thought opposing corporate greed and supporting environmental issues was a positive thing, but Larry has set me straight.

According to him, environmentalists are "a problem and a hindrance" who have been thwarting the heroic, humanitarian efforts of the timber industry, the GMO industry and the nuclear industry to protect our planet. Well, I'm really glad that I and my fellow environmentalists can relax now, knowing that the future of our environment will be safeguarded so dependably by these corporate philanthropists.

Maybe I'll even take a vacation — but where should I go? The glorious melting ice sheets of the Arctic? The dwindling rain forests of the Amazon? Or maybe Fukishima or Chernobyl — I've heard glowing reports about those two hot tourist destinations... .

Claude Aron


A family friendly park

I drove by Hawthorne Park, how nice and family friendly it is. I just hope and pray that we citizens of Medford can keep it that way.

Marilyn Wirshup


Marijuana questions

I am very disappointed by the lack of temerity on the part of the Medford City Council by putting it out to vote on the growing of marijuana in the city limits. I feel the council has been swayed by the minority protestors. Until you have lived next to a pot grow and had to share the skunk like odors you won't know how unpleasant it can be.

Also if it is allowed, what will the city do if a neighbor files a complaint? And will there be any law on how far away from a school a pot grow can be established. These are questions voters should know the answers to before voting.

Chuck Gates


Obnoxious commercials

Whatever has possessed Charter with their totally obnoxious rap commercials? What makes them think for one minute that that noise would attract new subscribers? I would never sign up for their service, even if I had to live without TV! And a certain furniture company has equally obnoxious commercials; I would never patronize that company just because of their commercials.

Sharon Deemar

Central Point

Letters to the editor, May 24