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Letters to the Editor, May 26

Vets go without care

Recently I was told I no longer have care at the VA. I am a 100 percent service-connected vet and I went to see my doctor. He retired, another quit, that leaves thousands of vets in the area with no care.

They suggested I call my congressman. I would have better luck lighting incense and saying prayers to a god that just is not there than getting a congressman to listen. I do not have the millions it takes to get his attention.

His job is to get re-elected. It is not to see that our tax dollars actually work for us.

I was told that the shortage of staff at the White City dom leaves thousands of valley vets without care.

What I want to know is how incompetent is the administration there that leaves thousands of local vets with no care? If half the staff died or moved away without notice I could understand, but they had to know this was coming.

Last, when I see your bumper stickers saying support our vets I now know what it means, it means thank you, men and women, as long as it costs you nothing.

Mark Walker

Central Point

Who does he represent?

Greg Walden has never cast a vote for the people of Oregon.

Greg Walden votes for the Republican Party. Every time.

Ed Scanlin


Crude and rude

On March 6, 2016, the following was published: "Crude and rude." Who does that phrase describe in our current political environment?

Before you vote in November, think: Who do you really want to represent us (the American people) on the world stage?"

The current fiasco now has exacerbated the whole situation.

Pat Parsons


Varsity should step up

Thanks to Dr. Shames for taking the time to point out and explain the disservice being done to our community by the Varsity Theater's apparently unmoderated showing of the pseudo-documentary film, "Vaxxed." Their actions endanger us all by reinforcing emotional fears around autism and vaccines to which our community seems particularly susceptible.

The Varsity is of course entitled, and even encouraged, to present alternate points of view. If it chooses to do so, however, it should do so responsibly and with appropriate caveats and disclaimers. A panel discussion similar to ones held at the recent AIFF, for example, might aid in people's understanding of the actual background and motivations of the film and its makers.

In Ashland we pride ourselves on scientific-based analysis of important community issues such as global climate change. When a loud voice presents an opinion opposing that type of analysis, it needs to do so very carefully. I hope the Varsity will step up to that responsibility.

Alan Oppenheimer


Protect our fisheries

Thank you for publishing the article today by Mark Freeman on illegal fish stocking. And thanks to the angling clubs and ODFW for their efforts to protect Oregon recreational fisheries and native fish.

Illegal introductions are a huge threat to the Southern Oregon waters we all enjoy, and it's high time for prosecution of scofflaws. Anyone who fishes or recreates around rivers or lakes should be concerned.

And to the examples listed could be added the looming and massive disaster of Asian carp (irresponsibly introduced) invading the Great Lakes. The illegal stocking problem is one with severe economic as well as environmental consequences if we continue to ignore it.

John Hamilton


The real numbers

So how difficult could it be to verify library cardholder numbers provided by LS&S to the Mail Tribune for the May 13 “Heat” article and repeated in the May 15 Sunday “live-with-it” editorial?

According to the State Library Report, in 2006-07 Jackson County had 132,600 registered cardholders, not 50,000, and today the cardholder number is 138,742, not 133,000.

When I want accurate, verifiable information I call a reference librarian, not a hedge fund manager.

Cathy Shaw


Letters to the Editor, May 26