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Letters to the Editor, June 1

Thanks to commissioners

I’d like to applaud the Jackson County Commissioners for their recent letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) supporting its denial of the Pacific Connector gas export pipeline.

Southern Oregon landowners along the proposed 232-mile pipeline route have been fighting the Jordan Cove project for a decade due to the threat of eminent domain for the use of their land. FERC recently denied the certificate to build the pipeline because the so-called benefits of the project do not outweigh impacts to landowners. The out-of-state companies proposing the project continue to push forward with requests for rehearings and hand-shake deals, so unfortunately our fight is not over.

But public opposition continues to grow. Over 700 signatures from concerned residents were given to our commissioners showing local opposition. It is encouraging to see the commissioners pay attention and do what is right for Southern Oregon by opposing this dangerous project.

Robyn Janssen


Impeach Congress

In Dana Milbank's column, "GOP'S lost hope of scandal," he made an interesting point at the end where Gowdy commented, "The failure to perform the duties of your office could be an impeachable offense.”

Does this mean we can impeach the Republican Congress members and senators for the same reason since they have achieved the records of being the least productive for six years straight? Think about that as we vote for our incumbent congressman Greg Walden, or maybe actually vote to hire someone who may actually do something for the district we live in.

John Holm


What the film is about

I saw "Vaxxed" in Ashland. I’m guessing that Dr. Shames didn't.

The good doctor says Ashland is under-vaccinated, blaming parents choices not to vaccinate on unwarranted fear, rather than on their own observations. If Ashland is not at 93 percent MMR coverage, then it should be a glaring example of measles outbreaks for the entire country. But it isn’t.

The film primarily focuses on a whistleblower from the CDC who chronicles a manipulation of data that showed a link of a higher incidence of autism in African American boys. It expressly calls for a different agency to determine the safety of vaccines which are not tested as are other pharmaceutical products. How can we rely on the word of the CDC when that agency is tasked to regulate and oversee itself?

Dr. Shames wants to vilify anyone interested in a debate and spread platitudes that fall on deaf ears of the parents who have witnessed regression in a child immediately after the MMR vaccine.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Grants Pass

Stop telemarketers

When considering an incumbent (whether state or federal position) to vote for, ask yourself if the candidate is effective. If the current group of senators and representatives cannot stop telemarketers, should they be entrusted to accomplish more important tasks?

Dan Gordner

Eagle Point

Thanks to work crew

Thank you to the Community Justice crew who mowed and trimmed Eastwood IOOF Cemetery this past week. We really appreciate the great job all of you did.

Rene and Lane Forncrook


Letters to the Editor, June 1