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Letters to the Editor, June 3

What the Constitution says

A false statement that you constantly hear is that the Constitution calls for the separation of church and state. When I hear this, I challenge the speaker to prove it! But all that they usually do is mumble something like “Well, I know it does.” So, let’s dissect the First Amendment to learn what it actually says:

Amendment I. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ...”

“Congress shall make no law respecting and establishment of religion.” Congress is forbidden to pass any law respecting an establishment of religion. Congress can do nothing — pro or con — regarding religion.

“Or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” (this means that all Americans are free to practice their choice of religion anywhere, anytime, any way because we all have 100 percent religious freedom! The “Bill of Rights” is about people’s rights! It contains no restrictions on citizens.

There is nothing about “separation of church and state!”

But, there is this: “In order to insure to citizens freedom of conscience, the church in the USSR is separated from the state ..." (USSR Constitution, Article Number 124).

Darrell Monk


Two socialists

I see that Trump has promised to turn the Republican Party into the workers party. So now we have two socialists running for president, Trump and Sanders.

The problem is Trump is no longer self-funding his campaign as he previously promised. He is now soliciting big contributions from conservative money interests. I doubt he is telling them he will be leading the workers party.

Trump the politician, soliciting votes and money, and telling everybody what he thinks they want to hear.

Steve Bull


Stance understandable

Disheartening as it was that my child’s pediatrician signed the denunciation of the Varsity for showing "Vaxxed," it’s understandable. Doctors rely on the CDC; they don’t want to believe they’ve been lied to.

CDC scientist William Thompson, wracked by shame, explains how they manipulated research data to make the much higher risk of autism from MMR (especially the first one at 15 months) disappear. Funny, that’s the shot that put my child in the emergency room. Measles-only shots do not appear to have this problem, but Merck stopped production. Why?

Vaccines never used to be controversial. What changed? Is it just helicopter moms spending too much time reading conspiracy theories on the Internet? Or have millions of parents seen their children injured after receiving MMR? Did you know that vaccines have a lower threshold for proving safety than new drugs? That no double blind studies between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations have been done? That manufacturers are exempt from lawsuits?

Last year near panic ensued over a few hundred measles cases, while a million children were diagnosed with autism, now one in 68. This alone will bankrupt the nation, never mind their suffering. Google Vaxxedthemovie for how we can help.

Lynn Barton


Letters to the Editor, June 3