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Letters to the Editor, June 9

Too many winners

It's that time of year again — high school graduation — and every graduate gets a prize: that of valedictorian.

This in no way disparages the hard work all of these "winners" during their years in high school. It's wonderful, and their parents and families should be very proud. But, 52 valedictorians from 16 schools?

This is clearly a continuation of "very player gets a prize." St. Mary's and Cascade Christian are the only schools that recognize that valedictorian is a singular reward.

The valedictorian and salutatorian are express honors awarded to the top two students in the class. Not everyone can be a winner. By recognizing 52 students it lessens the honor.

Yes, these students did a great job, but someone needs to be a clear winner and/or runner-up.

Pat Butler


Helping the homeless

I don't know if these tiny houses are the best way to help the homeless, but I know they would an important step.

These houses will save a woman's life and they will give a man a sober and secure environment to get their act together. In our valley we would prosper by getting people off the street and cleaned up.

I know that we all have enough of our own responsibilities to deal with, but if we personally cannot build these houses, or make time to staff a shelter or put in a shift at the food bank, the least we can do is encourage those in our community who are making the effort to keep doing so. Applaud your city council every time they fight for the homeless.

If we take every person off the street and give them hope that they will be better, our cities in Southern Oregon will be rich beyond belief.

Peter McBennett


The smoking guns

The Associated Press distorts reality and the editors print these distortions as news. Are the editors being dishonest or just plain incompetent? Perhaps it is cost-effective to print the made-up stories by The Associated Press as news. However, it is a disservice to the readers.

After the Benghazi hearing, The Associated Press release claimed Mrs. Bill Clinton the winner because Hillary survived the 11-hour hearing. The AP did not mention that the hearing revealed a smoking gun found in her emails.

Instead of exposing the smoking gun, The Associated Press released an article about her emails which portrayed Mrs. Bill Clinton as being a very hard worker when she was secretary of state. No mention of the smoking gun.

As the Benghazi story was unfolding, I was switching between Fox News and MSNBC. It was MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow who first stated it was a terrorist attack. In all her splendor, Rachel explained it all. She was so very proud!

The Benghazi hearing uncovered the emails which proved that Secretary of State Mrs. Bill Clinton knew that a terrorist attack happened when the vetted liar was blaming a video. These emails are the smoking guns.

Thanks for reading!

Bill Hartley


Climate affects GOP, too

No two states have more elected political representatives who are confirmed climate-change deniers than do Texas and Oklahoma. (Being dependent on campaign contributions from fossil fuel interests for one's political life can have such an effect!)

How ironic is it, then, that both these states are being slammed by extreme, unprecedented climate events, one of the consequences of global warming predicted by scientists whose careers are focused on studying earth's evolving climate. How long will it be before these states' politicians catch up with the rest of the civilized world and recognize the realities of climate change, and its causes? Their constituents deserve no less.

John Kloetzel


Letters to the Editor, June 9