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Letters to the Editor, June 23

Buy some life jackets

I congratulate Logan & Goodell for taking amputees and wheelchair-bound people on free fishing trips. I’m sure the experience is most important, over catching any fish, and their services are truly appreciated by their guests. I wish them every success.

I hope that Adaptive Excursions is able to raise the funds they will need. And I hope that they will spend some of the money on life jackets for everyone on the boat: I could not help but notice that none of the men had a life jacket on!

Audrey L. Green

Central Point

Runaway health costs

Check out this link to the proposed health insurance rates in Oregon for 2017: www.oregon.gov/DCBS/Insurance/healthrates/Pages/proposed.aspx. It shows that individual health rates in Jackson county will be 24 percent higher than Multnomah County and even higher than Bend which only has one hospital.

Only five carriers will even write individual policies in Jackson County next year. Hood River will have more carriers available. When are you going to start reporting these overcharges? Our people are poor and they can't afford this.

My wife spent one night in the hospital, we have health insurance and we still are making payments for the next two years. One night! Where is your outrage?

Mark Soderstrom


Trump's manifest unfitness

Trump presents as champion of the common man, advocate for “America First,” opponent of immigrants, successful businessman.

His actions give the lie to these claims.

His businesses have repeatedly filed bankruptcy. His suggested default on U.S. debt would wreck our economy. He inherited great wealth, now seeks lower taxes for the rich, higher for  the middle class.

Trump’s companies have a pattern of hiring foreign workers.

He has contempt for the rule of law and American rights. He seeks to weaken press freedom and undermine an independent judiciary.

Radical jihadists use his statements for their recruiting.

“His” slogan “America First” originated in the 1930s — with U.S. supporters of Adolf Hitler. Trump’s use reveals either gross historical ignorance or a telling indifference to the connection to fascism.

In the wake of the Orlando attack, Trump continues his bombastic self-promotion, further demonstrating his profound unfitness for the presidency. It’s all about him, not our country’s welfare.

Timothy Egan, (New York Times, June 17), summed up the mismatch: “In this time of trial and tragedy, Trump has showed how he would govern — by fear, by intimidation, by the turning of American against American, by exhibiting all the empathy of a sociopath.”

Robert John Scheelen


Thanks for kindness

Recently, I went on a hike along the Upper Rogue River Trail and for some unexplainable reason left my trekking poles near the Woodruff Bridge area afterwards.

I want to extend my thanks to the individual(s) who returned them to my house. It is nice to know that some people still do random acts of kindness.

Rich Thelen

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, June 23