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Letters to the Editor, July 5

Guns do not kill people

To answer the question "Do guns kill people?" from Mr. Gibbs in the June 30 paper: Guns do not kill people.

They can't pull the trigger on their own. It's the people with their hands on the gun and finger on the trigger that kill people.

Yes, people would find others ways to kill than the gun. If we gave up all of our guns, the only people that would have guns are the criminals and law enforcement. You will never be able to get the guns away from the criminals.

So if someone broke into your house and was going to kill you or rape your wife or your daughter you wouldn't want to be able to protect them? This is our right to bear arms to protect ourselves and the ones we love.

If someone in Florida would have a gun in that place they could have saved a lot of people. Use your common sense. That guy would have had a gun no matter what. How many unborn babies are killed every day? Not by guns.

Judy Westcott


A different candidate

What Obama did for sales of firearms and ammunition, Hillary can do for domestic terrorism. We need a different candidate.

Tom Espinosa


Should we judge?

Liberal logic regarding the recent mass murders in Orlando, Florida:

The killer was a Muslim. Should we judge all Muslims by his actions?

Absolutely not!

He was a registered Democrat. Should we judge all Democrats by his actions?

Absolutely not!

It’s beginning to appear that he was gay. Should we judge all gays by his actions?

Absolutely not!

He was a gun owner. Should we judge all 100 million American gun owners by his actions?


Law-abiding gun owners are the only people in America who are punished for crimes in which they were not involved.

By the way, this guy did everything right when he bought the gun. He went to a gun dealer. In America today, Nobody can purchase a gun from any dealer without going through the FBI NICS background check. This killer did that and was approved by the FBI to purchase those firearms.

Those were legal sales! The FBI had previously been alerted about this guy. So, my question is: What good are background checks?

It’s a tragedy when a ruthless murderer, who has pledged allegiance to a killer foreign organization (ISIS), can cause law-abiding citizens to lose their lives and constitutional protected birthrights.

Darrell Monk


Letters to the Editor, July 5