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Letters to the Editor, July 8

Attacking our rights

After the Orlando massacre, the president, needing to divert the nation's attention away from the horrors of the latest Islamic-inspired mass murder, his "open borders" policy and the releasing of 90,000 convicted illegal alien felons into the general population, quickly decided attacking Americans' individual rights was the proper way to neutralize ISIS.

The complicit media swung into action with lock-step precision and soon letters to newspapers were demanding our individual right of self-defense be rescinded or seriously curtailed. "High fives" were swapped at the Ben Rhodes "Ministry of Truth" in the White House. The administration, relying on the stupidity of the (Democratic) voter, got the sheeple emotionally riled up. The administration was determined to make honest, law-abiding Americans pay for the evils perpetrated by a Muslim radical in transforming an Orlando nightclub into an abattoir.

While the president was stuttering about blaming guns, thousands of Americans, no longer believing him, went out and bought even more firearms.

The right "to keep and bear arms" is mine as a human being. Why do some feel they have the right to deprive me of my natural rights?

Which of my other rights will they seek to destroy? Will they defend any?

Dennis V. Sinclair


Flags lost on the Fourth

The Ashland Kiwanis Club sponsors a Flag Program each year whereby American flags are placed on national holidays at many business locations throughout Ashland. One such holiday was Independence Day, July Fourth. Our flag program is a fundraiser to help us support our many programs for the youth in the community.

When retrieving the flags at the end of July Fourth from their many locations, we discovered two flags were missing or lost. These flags cost about $50. For us to buy more flags to replace the lost or stolen flags means less money available to serve our community programs.

If you know where one of our flags resides or is being used, please call Russ Chadick at 541-482-0431. We will make arrangements to pick up the flags.

Ron Parker, President

Ashland Kiwanis Club

Tell the truth

The Benghazi Committee report revealed that Hillary Clinton knew within hours after the attack that it was caused by terrorists. However, she, President Obama and Ambassador Rice continued to blame the attack on a video for weeks afterward. The Democrats complain bitterly about the cost to taxpayers for the Benghazi investigation, but if the truth had been told initially, an investigation would not have been necessary.

Orabelle Bruneau


Clinton and Obama

Secretary Clinton is believed to be dishonest and not trustworthy by two-thirds of the American people (in other words, a liar). She was campaigning in North Carolina with President Obama, who said,''you can keep your doctor" and "if you like your insurance you can keep it." Two people who disregard the truth. How appropriate.

Ray Novosad

Eagle Point

Letters to the Editor, July 8