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Letters to the Editor, July 13

Knee-jerk reaction

It is not uncommon that individuals participate in a “knee-jerk” reaction when confronted with digesting a major event, especially when the result is counter to that which is expected. This seems to appear in the FBI-conducted email server case of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

With the initial knee jerk, usually a second, more thoughtful muse will follow. To review, following the clarification of several issues which were indicated to be careless, poor management, poor judgment, etc., of the server use, it appeared in his testimony that the FBI director would offer a recommendation to indict. The question seems to remain as to why he projected the recommendation of no prosecution.

The director appears to be a very smart man. He chose to not be a kingmaker nor a king undoer. He also chose to not burden another single individual, the U.S. Attorney General, with that burdensome responsibility to decide the fate of Hillary Clinton. Instead, he gifted the American voter the opportunity and the right to collectively render that decision, its reward or punishment, at the ballot box in November.

Let America decide on the character of its next leader! Smart man! Thank you, Director Comey.

Richard Stockman

Central Point

Why not the Sports Park?

Just wondering why a swimming pool could not be built in the Sports Park at the south end of town.

Just think how much money could be brought into this town if we had an Olympic-size pool that could train athletes (swimming and diving) and hold swim meets. It could also be used to teach swimming to the thousands of children in our town that need those survival skills.

There must be a business that could sponsor or build this much-needed facility. It could be a money maker and could be done without asking for another tax or fee hike to the overtaxed and over-feed property owners.

Karen Whalen


Carelessness and neglect

At first, FBI director Comey's decision not to charge Hillary was very disturbing to me. After all, extreme carelessness is a basis for a manslaughter charge. However, manslaughter refers to state law.

Under federal law employees can’t be charged if they are extremely careless. Negligent federal employees are disciplined within the department.

I have a great deal of respect for FBI director Comey. He was truthful. Director Comey’s testimony revealed that Hillary lied under oath during the Benghazi hearing.

Another topic: Black Lives Matter and the KKK. The KKK doesn’t have much of a platform to express their ideas. The KKK is very limited. Very few want to listen to their message. We should treat Black Lives Matter as we treat the KKK.

Black Lives Matter acted in extreme carelessness when they started the anti-police rallies before all the facts were known. Perhaps the car was not stopped for having a broken taillight but for another reason. Perhaps a gun was in play.

Black Lives Matter was negligent and Dallas policemen were killed. Words do matter. The public should condemn Black Lives Matter for their anti-police hate speech. Black Lives Matter is today’s KKK and should be treated as such.

Bill Hartley


Letters to the Editor, July 13