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Letters to the Editor, July 14

Government interference

A couple of comments on the article, “When is a winery a restaurant?" July 10.

The article gives insight; one side of the government, the OLCC, requires a winery to have a substantial food menu. Another side, the Planning Department, applies zoning regulations and issues a conditional use permit for a “limited services restaurant,” which limits food options to “prepackaged foods.”

Really, come on! How restrictive and difficult do we want to make it on a business trying to survive? And does the public deserve prepackaged foods when enjoying a glass of overpriced wine at one of the winery venues?

Governmental interference with business, it’s what our government does best. Make America great again? Start by getting government off the backs of businesses with petty, ridiculous, even conflicting ordinances and laws. Only then will companies be wooed back from their overseas exodus.

J. Miller


Airport bus needed

Congratulations on the restoration of Saturday bus service. However, I must continue to address the lack of public bus transportation to our Rogue Valley International Airport. Would RVTD consider offering an “on call” service for arriving air passengers?

Pat Parsons


A great team

Just read Mark Freeman's "A friend for dinner." Catching fish is not way up there on my list of life's highlights. But reading Mark's narrative made me want to be there.

It was like beginning to read a much anticipated novel, and then following through with the action to reach the climax. Wonderful.

Also Jamie Lusch's photo was lush, and should be entered into many photo competitions. Beautiful picture. Thank you to both Mark and Jamie. We are fortunate to have them here in Medford.

Katharine Sloan



The common denominator in all the recent public tragedies is a gun on both sides of the barrel.

Some of the recent letters have said that guns don't kill people, people kill people. That is nonsense. Guns are an easily available, convenient and dangerous tool used to kill people.

If you don't own a gun you are less safe because other people do, and some of those people are crazy, and some of them are criminals.

The facts are if you do own a gun you are more likely to die sooner than if you don't. Look it up.

Steve Bull


Privatizing misery

The good news is corporate America is more profitable than ever.

With each illness, corporate health insurance profits improve. When there's violence, corporate media ratings go up. With every black man arrested, private-prison corporate profits increase.

Privatizing human misery is a highly profitable business model for corporate America. It will also be corporate America's downfall.

Wesley Brown


Letters to the Editor, July 14