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Letters to the Editor, July 17

People don't care

I write this letter knowing that it probably will not be read by those who need to know how some people felt about their fireworks.

Adults and children around us started lighting their fireworks, legal and illegal, on the Thursday before the Fourth at 8 p.m. The booms sent our dogs into a frenzy and there was no sleep until the noise stopped around 11.

This went on every night until the Fourth, and you would have sworn it was a war zone, smoke and noise, mostly booms. This continued until 1:30am.

By the Fourth our nerves are frayed and no one cares. The dogs look shell shocked as they do not move or blink, just shiver.

Why does this county continue to sell fireworks in this dry area? Stop this and maybe more people would attend the fireworks show. This would cut down on some of the noise. The firecrackers are a different story and I do not know how to stop them . A lot of people, too many, just don't care.

Kate Bourne


Club is an asset

the headline in the Mail Tribune stated the Medford Poker Club was given a bad deal!

I have had the extreme pleasure of visiting the "Medford Social Club," what I call it, and can truly say it's an asset to our city. I have met all walks of life: attorneys, dishwashers, bakers, construction workers, veterinarians, those in wheelchairs and on and on, and we all when we enter the door are greeted with respect and courtesy whether we sit a table or just want to have a place to feel safe and express ideas.

We really need more social clubs like this in Medford. Folks from all walks of life and ages are equal, no class definition. I 100 percent endorse the the Medford Poker Club for that reason.

What really grates me is that driving down the freeway coming from north or south we are defined as Medford, the home of the "Adult Store," which every man, woman and child can see. I invite anyone who wants to visit a very safe and wholesome environment to visit the club on Excel Drive in Medford. Let's make our town livable instead of the home of porn!

Brooks Pride Hodapp


Much to overlook

Those of us supporting Hillary are willing to overlook her bad judgment regarding her emails in order to get a competent and experienced administrator. Those of you supporting Trump are going to have to overlook his narcissism, his racism, his xenophobia, his lack of political experience, his shifting policy positions, his Liar of the Year Award for 2015 and his once having said that Hillary would make a great president to get — what?

James R. Ruston


No shame

We have a lifelong bureaucrat (H.R. Clinton, a Democrat) being investigated by a lifelong bureaucrat (James Comey, who quit the Republican Party) and not indicted by a lifelong bureaucrat (Loretta lynch, who is a Democrat). Isn't that special? No shame from them.

Ray Novosad

Eagle Point

Goodbye to liberty

To counter the letter in the Mail Tribune on July 12, "What does it say?", if it didn't start out with "If you support Hillary," I would have thought it was about Trump, except for one point that would have been off: a list of 20 reasons not to support him would have been short an awful lot of zeros.

That man's abuse of religions, then turning around and saying how he liked some of them; his unfounded claims that he couldn't back up with an army of detectives; and don't get me started on his language.

His views on immigrants is so counter to what we have been taught in school for 50 and more years. When the Statue of Liberty, which is in his home town, has a plaque that says "Give me your tired, your poor." If he gets elected, then that ol' lady must be pulled down because she counters all he stands for.

John Holm


Letters to the Editor, July 17