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Letters to the Editor, July 21

Congress ignores emergency

There are none so deaf as those who make it their business not to hear.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have adjourned for a seven-week vacation, having refused every effort to address the obvious national emergency.

Instead they have spent their time on inconsequential, politically motivated bills that have no future, and holding expensive and time-consuming committee meetings on their favorite hobby-horse issues, which serve no purpose except to embarrass Democratic office holders.

My definition of a hobby-horse is something you can ride and ride all you want, but it never goes anywhere.

Herbert Childs


Kindness of strangers

While heading to the Growers Market in Hawthorne park July 14 I parked in the Sears parking lot as I was intending on shopping there later. As I stepped between some shrubs to cross Jackson St. (I know, I was jaywalking but I am quite elderly and a hike to the crosswalk is quite an undertaking) I tripped on a bush stump and fell head-first into the street.

I hit my head on the pavement and was afraid I might be run over. Instead, a very kind lady stopped and came to help me. Then a friendly young man from Les Schwab also appeared to offer assistance. They called an ambulance but I declined a trip to the ER as I was feeling OK, although a little embarrassed.

I would like to thank that wonderful woman and the young man for caring about me and taking time to help. Sadly, in many cities today that is not the case. One more reason we love living in the Rogue Valley is the caliber of people who are our neighbors. Thank you all again.

Charlene Brussat


Endorsing hate

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton endorse ethnocentric hate groups like Black Lives Matter.

Regardless of what the haters of Donald Trump have to say about him on your biased editorial page, he is the only person who can bring this country together.

Donald Trump is the only candidate who supports our veterans. Hillary Clinton says the problems of the VA are exaggerated. Her judgment stinks, as usual.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden were going to do a campaign rally with Black Lives Matter and they only canceled it because of the tragic cop killings in Dallas.

What a disgrace.

Joe Thomas 


Hillary's email

Several letters to these pages have been critical of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, and have accused her of lying about emailing classified material.

On July 15, the State Department confirmed that the FBI got it wrong: None of Clinton’s emails were classified at the time. Repeat: None of her emails were marked classified at the time she sent or received them. The FBI director didn’t get the facts right.

Colin Powell stated recently that Clinton handled her email no differently from the way he and Condoleezza Rice handled theirs. He said that his emails were also marked classified retroactively. Both he and Rice used private servers.

Many who are critical of Clinton are planning to vote for Trump, a man who mocks disabled reporters, states he will ban people from a major world religion, and talks about his genitals in a presidential debate. Seriously?

Jane Fisher


Letters to the Editor, July 21