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Letters to the Editor, July 22

LNG still a bad idea

A large advertisement by proponents of the Jordan Cove Project appeared in Friday’s paper touting the tax revenue benefits the project would bring to Jackson County. Here are some facts the advertisement failed to mention.

The group that ran the advertisement is conveniently funded by the companies who want to build the massive fossil fuel export project across 232 miles of Southern Oregon.

It is true that if Jordan Cove were built, tax revenue to Jackson County would be around $3 million a year. However, Jackson County’s annual budget is $339,382,245 and $3 million would hardly compensate for a project that would devastate miles of public and private lands, cut through hundreds of fish bearing streams and become the largest climate polluter in the state of Oregon.

Jackson County commissioners recently came out against the Jordan Cove project with a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission requesting that FERC “uphold its previous order… and deny the applications.” They also noted that Jackson County landowners have been under threat of eminent domain from this project for over 10 years.

The Jordan Cove Energy Project is still a bad idea. Do not be fooled by this advertisement.

Harry L. Foster


Two choices

There are two distinct choices for local residents in the Nedsbar Forest Management Project.

The BLM has proposed a large timber sale that sprawls out across the Little Applegate and Upper Applegate valleys. Alternatives 3 and 4, developed by the BLM, would log large, old, fire-resistant trees in local wild areas that are essential for wildlife and inspirational for local residents and visitors alike. Up to 24 logging units would be visible from the Sterling Ditch Trail and large old trees would be logged from forests on the proposed Jack-Ash Trail. Local residents are concerned that the logging treatments will increase fuels by drastically opening forest canopies and allowing dense brushy fuel to grow.

Fortunately another alternative exists. Developed by local residents and known as Alternative 5, this alternative would retain all large, fire-resistant trees, thin highly flammable understory fuel, build no new roads, improve forest health, implement prescribed fire treatments, protect wild areas and scenic values, while producing timber and reducing fire hazards near homes and communities. The alternative is viable, innovative, and meets the BLMs “purpose and need.” We need your support to make this vision a reality. Please comment by Aug. 1.

For more information: www.thesiskiyoucrest.blogspot.com

Luke Ruediger


Build modest pools

I am writing to ask why Medford needs needs a multi-million dollar covered Olympic pool or nothing. Are we sponsoring the Olympics here or what?

I remember the good old days growing up in Medford with Jackson, Hawthorne and the YMCA to choose from. The population was 40,000 then and life was great. Jackson Pool is falling apart and Hawthorne Pool got filled in. The YMCA is out of order until Labor Day.

Instead of redoing parks that can wait, lets put our money into having a couple decent pools for the adults and children to enjoy when it's hot here.

Trudy Staak


Letters to the Editor, July 22