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Letters to the Editor, July 24

Why Patridge?

I'm sure our new city manager will do a bang up job, however, why did the city pick him?

With no experience he wins out handily against two qualified candidates with proven records. Perhaps a press release from the powers that be is in order. I'd hate to think the good old boy system is at work in Medford.

None the less, congrats to Mr. Partridge.

V. Handel

Phony gun proposal

I must ask, in an already known way, why it is that politicians such as Governor Brown must go around spouting misleading and false statements about the number and type of deaths from gun violence.

She is afraid that once people become informed they would discover what a phony proposal she submits. The same goes for some of our legislators.

The majority of the media go along with all this, and it falls under "political correctness," which is really a tergiversation of our federal and state constitutions. The sad part is, the majority of voters apparently believe all the claims without sources and factual information pertinent to a particular subject being given by the perpetrators.

Lazy at minimum, ignorance of the current laws, or downright lying by those who espouse such diatribe. We now have Brown saying it is "gun safety." "Common sense" is bandied about by them and that is truly "common nonsense." In light of all that has transpired in the past few weeks the examples of how this affects people are quite evident and it really has nothing to do with the weapons used but is in the soul of the people who mean harm to others.

Dale Casey


Test eased worries

Having recently been notified that a lead pigtail was found (a year ago) connected to our water system, you can imagine our concern. The Water Commission asked us to have our water tested, which they agreed to pay for.

The suspense of waiting for the results, which took about five days, was tough. As seniors we tend to look at things that can affect our health a little more suspiciously than we did 20 or 30 years ago.

We were pleasantly surprised that both the lead and copper content in our system was considerably lower than EPA limits. The person who presented us the report — her name is Rosie — was very professional and she did a great job in answering our questions and putting our minds at ease. The city needs more like her.

Chuck Gates


Enlightenment, not revelation

No, General Flynn.

Our country was not built on Judeo-Christian values. It was built on Enlightenment values.

Enlightenment thinkers like Franklin, Jefferson and Madison championed the use of reason over revelation. They celebrated rational thinking as a tool to help us understand the world and live better. They valued knowledge, freedom and happiness. And that is what America is about.

Our Declaration of Independence states, "We hold these truths to be self-evident ...”

We know them directly, using reason — an Enlightenment value — not revelation, the corresponding Judeo-Christian value.

Our Constitution establishes “institutions of disconfirmation" — proper checks, balances, and “peer review” — resembling the way we do modern science.

Persuasive, rational argument using evidence was the proper way to govern, according to the men who founded our constitutional republic — a thoroughly Enlightenment idea. They disliked Judeo-Christian authoritarianism, particularly its demand to assent to the incredulous dogmas of the churches.

We are the Land of the Free.

A knowlegeable, happy people.

Not a God-fearing, holy nation.

We owe that to the Enlightenment, not Jesus.

Rob Schläpfer


Letters to the Editor, July 24