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Letters to the Editor, July 26

Asking the wrong questions

Letter writer Marilyn Hawkins denounces “white privilege” (“Check your privilege,” July 15) with the wrong questions.

Can you envision your child stalking and assaulting a neighborhood-watch citizen? Or committing burglary and theft and then assaulting a policeman that tells him not to walk in the street?

Would your child be carrying an illegal weapon? Would your child resist a traffic citation vigorously enough to get arrested?

Can you imagine being the parent of a police officer trying to detain an armed suspect struggling to reach his gun? Or who makes a traffic stop of a possible armed robber and watches the armed suspect reach for ... who knows what?

Can you imagine your child being a police officer who risks his or her life to protect the community while political money finances “activist” slogans calling for your child to be murdered?

Why isn’t “Black Lives Matter” denouncing failed urban school systems? Addressing the causes of single-parent families? Condemning the relationship between urban poverty and one political party’s desperate reliance on a captive voting underclass?

Black lives matter too much to be exploited every election year.

Steve Wesche


Some LNG facts

Regarding the Boost Southwest Oregon ad in the July 15 edition of the Mail Tribune: Boost claims the Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas plant in Coos Bay and the 232-mile Pacific Connector pipeline would help Jackson County thrive because $3 million would be allocated annually to Jackson County’s yearly budget, which is around $340 million.

Some facts about this project:

1) it is spearheaded by Veresen, a Canadian firm, and by Williams, headquartered in Oklahoma. Williams has an abysmal record for pipeline safety. Veresen has never run an LNG plant.

2) The LNG would be shipped to overseas markets.

3) The Coos Bay terminal and Malin compressor station would combine to be Oregon’s largest air polluters.

4) private property along the pipeline’s route would be "taken" by eminent domain with meager compensation offered to Oregon landowners.

5) The Jackson County commissioners recently stood by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s March 11 decision to reject the project due to “no public benefit.” FERC is still deciding if it wants to hear an appeal by Veresen and Williams.

Boost ended their ad with “It’s Clear Jordan Cove Will Help Our Community Thrive.” It is not clear to me and I wholeheartedly disagree.

Vince Zauskey


A clear contest

We have clear differences in the coming election.

On one hand, we have an anti-science party and presidential ticket committed to hoaxes and conspiracy theories. Climate science denier and birther in chief Donald Trump rejected all available evidence while insisting President Obama was not born in the U.S. He’s accompanied by fellow science denier Mike Pence claiming there’s no link between smoking and health disease.

The GOP is so mired in hoax promotion that it denied funding to the Defense Department, thus preventing studies of the security implications of climate change. This, despite the evidence that is as obvious to all sane individuals as if it were a meteor barreling down on the nation.

On the other hand, Democrats and Clinton accept science and commit to protecting this planet for future generations. We have a clear contest between insanity and sanity. No one with children should think about supporting Trump’s GOP insanity.

Trisha Vigil


Mourning band

I've been retired 18 years, still have my shield and my seven-point badge from earlier before we adopted the shield of today. Both have black bands since I retired.

Somewhere a police officer has fallen in the line of duty, the bands are permanent for me. I no longer wear them, but I do respect and honor them and the people who wear them. Every time one of us falls, a little piece of America dies with us.

J.D. Waite


Letters to the Editor, July 26