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Letters to the Editor, July 27

Trump's Twitter brain

Donald Trump has what we would have to call a Twitter brain. What this means is simply that — unlike anyone with a real brain and any understanding of the complexity of issues, Donald Trump can say everything he knows about any subject in just 140 characters. In fact, on many occasions, 140 characters are more than he needs.

A typical illustration of Trump’s limitations are exemplified in his immigration policy. All Trump has is: “Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it,” and “ban Muslims.” There’s nothing more.

Anyone who thinks Donald Trump cares about or represents anyone but Donald Trump simply has not been paying attention.

It’s beyond time that the media and voters held him accountable for his inane, ignorant and simple-minded responses to issues. He may be an outsider to the Washington establishment, but he still should know more about issues than he indicates he knows.

Paula Perez Costas


LNG won't help

July 15, Boost Southwest Oregon, a group funded by the corporations proposing a 232-mile pipeline and liquefaction project, featured an ad proclaiming that “Jordan Cove will help our community thrive” and that the project would mean “more than 500,000 potholes fixed” in Jackson County.

Here are a few of the things they are not telling you:

  • The project stands denied at a federal level by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The Jackson County Commissioners support the denial.
  • The pipeline currently hurts property values and would take private land from landowners for out-of-state corporate profit.
  • If constructed, the pipeline would be bored underneath the Rogue River near Shady Cove and would harm river and fishing tourism.
  • The pipeline would use the lowest safety standard and expose Jackson County to risks of explosion and more wildfires.
  • The pipeline would impact endangered species, cut through old growth forests, and the project would be the largest climate polluter in the state of Oregon.

The meager amount this project would bring to Jackson County is not worth the major risks to our rivers, property owners and communities. I would rather have healthy rivers for fishing and rafting over some potholes being fixed.

Apollonia Goeckner


The ultimate fascism

In his letter, Craig Mather sarcastically asks “who would Ms. Dannenfelser propose to make that decision whether to have an abortion or not — a congressional select committee?”

It’s like asking “who should decide whether to lynch a black person?” Ms. Dannenfelser would easily retort that killing the innocent should be illegal whether the victim is black or an unborn baby.

Unthinkingly, Mr. Mather calls abortion a “personal medical decision.” But abortion isn’t personal because it involves killing an innocent human being. Like most pro-aborts, Mr. Mather must ignore the helpless victims in order to support killing them.

But even when ignoring the baby who is killed, calling abortion “medical” is misogyny because it means that pregnancy is a disease or pathology. Because women’s bodies are designed for pregnancy, this means women are defective. Women need a type of corrective surgery (abortion) to overcome their inherent natural defect. It’s a sick view of women.

Mr. Mather ends his letter, “One characteristic of fascism is a striking subordination of individual rights to the state.” He forgets that killing the innocent is the most “striking subordination of individual rights,” Therefore, abortion is the ultimate fascism.

Drew Hymer


The soul of a nation

The soul of our nation is tied to how well we treat our most vulnerable members, so if you are collecting Social Security (Democrats and President Franklin Roosevelt), are on food stamps (President John Kennedy), on Medicare (President Lyndon Johnson), or looking into affordable health care (President Barack Obama), thank a Democrat.

Linda Zigich


Letters to the Editor, July 27