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Letters to the Editor, July 28

Replace water lines

Cast iron main line piping, along West Fourth, Rose, Elm, 14th, Peach, Dakota, Holly and Park streets were installed between 1909-1911, as were the copper service lines. Half of west Medford lives with 100-year-old water pipes.

Copper is associated with Alzheimer's, and iron leaching from old piping is not healthy either. In Portland, Detroit and Tacoma, Wash., the water is treated with lime and soda ash, which in theory builds up a protective film inside the pipes, thereby prolonging pipe lifespan. Medford city water pipes enjoy no such protection. Medford soft water eats at the pipes.

The Medford Water Commission may set aside $250,000 to initiate a corrosion study, along with a pipe preservation study. Half of west Medford pipes and service lines have already lived their expected lifetimes, even without chemical protections. They have withstood the onslaught of soft water for a century.

West Medford water users pay the same rates as those in east Medford. They deserve the same high quality of drinking water as their counterparts on the other side of Medford.

James Work

Central Point

Donate garden surplus

Garrison Keillor jokes that the only time Lutherans in Lake Wobegon lock their car doors in the church parking lot is in August. Otherwise, after services they find three bags of zucchini in their back seat! Perhaps you too have a "Garden Gone Wild!" Here's an easier solution.

Most Ashland residents are familiar with Ashland Food Project: the green-bag program that collects nonperishable goods from generous community donors every other month. That food goes to Ashland Emergency Food Bank, which has served residents of Ashland and Talent since 1972. Each month, 500-600 families (approximately 1,500 individuals) come to AEFB for food. Customers include the unemployed and under-employed, the working poor, students, seniors and homeless. About 25 percent are children.

But did you know that AEFB also welcomes donations of perishable goods? If your tomatoes all ripen at once, consider dropping the surplus by 560 Clover Lane during our open hours (9:30-12:30 Monday-Friday and the first Saturday of each month, 5-7 p.m. the fourth Wednesday.) If you already donate through AFP, feel free to stack an extra bunch of kale atop your canned goods. Our shoppers long to eat healthfully and nothing makes them smile like fresh local produce. Thank you!

Lyn Owens, AEFB Board Member


Hatefest 2016

While watching Hatefest 2016 (otherwise known as the Republican National Convention), the vitriol exhibited by speakers and participants toward Hillary Clinton and President Obama evoked several disturbing images: lynch mobs, peasants wielding torches and pitchforks, the Salem witch trials, the Nuremburg rallies.

I watched as speakers insisted that Hillary Clinton should be in jail, should be shot by a firing squad and was in league with the devil, while the crowd repeatedly chanted "Lock her up!" One of Trump's surrogates told an interviewer that he believed Obama was a Muslim and that he was "with the bad guys ... not one of us." I heard repeatedly that our nation was doomed if we didn't vote for a billionaire reality TV celebrity to lead us out of the darkness.

Hate and fear were doled out in very generous portions. What was noticeably missing were civility, ideas and a positive vision for our country.

Claude Aron


Letters to the Editor, July 28